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Fishing Report

San Francisco Surf Fly Fishing Report

San Francisco Surf Fly Fishing Report

Open Ocean striper fishing has been on fire this past week. Especially, Thursday - Sunday many fly anglers were landing adult size fish all over San Francisco's Beaches. The tide is essential, last Saturday morning just north of the golden gate bridge a minus tide to a 4ft incoming was the perfect recipe for success. From Ocean Beach to Stinson Beach Anglers were catching fish very close to shore as the incoming tide starting filling in close rips and holes.

George Revel was able to get five fish Friday morning before work and two on Sunday morning.

This weekend looks excellent!

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE 3rd TIDE 4th TIDE
21 Fri
02:03 h
 5.35 ft
08:55 h
 -0.3 ft
16:40 h
 4.69 ft
21:21 h
 3.22 ft
 05:48 h  20:35 h
22 Sat
02:45 h
 4.95 ft
09:37 h
 0 ft
17:20 h
 4.72 ft
22:24 h
 3.12 ft
 05:49 h  20:35 h
23 Sun
03:33 h
 4.56 ft
10:21 h
 0.36 ft
17:59 h
 4.79 ft
23:32 h
 2.85 ft
 05:49 h  20:36 h

Bradford Bulter with a nice 30' fish.

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Monterey Surf Report

Monterey Surf Report

Fly Fish The Surf

Evan Praskin reports on 6.06.19

Stripers, Stripers, Stripers!!! They are here people and ready to play in beautiful Monterey. “West coast stripers? You guys get a bass run over there?” Yes we do, and if you look into what California has to offer, you will quickly see that it has the most amazing and divers water system and these fish have maximized on it!

Sunday morning and it just so happened to be my birthday. Low tide at 4:30am, first light at 5:20. Joined by my good friend Tom, we walked the path down to the beach and immediately noticed a shore break caused by a very close and deep shelf, some serious striper water. Loose sand and a steep beach meant we needed to be on our game safety wise. First few casts were kelp groomers (40lb leader played a big role since we were able to rip through most the kelp without snapping off flies). Once we found some clearings it was game on. 4th cast I’m hooked up, good fish 20” and she christened my Beulah surf rod. Toms next cast, wham he sticks another fun sized fish.

We kept walking and looking for clearer water and as soon as we got through the kelp it was fish on. The trick was to lay out an accurate cast to avoid landing on the balls of kelp, and giving it a 10 second count (if possible) so the fly is retrieved below most of the debris. Strip strip pause and repeat. Mix up the retrieve and allow for some hard stops that make those clousers drop if possible. This isn’t always accomplishable and depends on the waves. 

The most important advice is to stay in contact with your fly, always be sure you are dragging it on the strip to detect a bite and set the hook. As the morning went on, the tide increased making the waves pounding the shoreline pretty gnarly. This began to limit our shots at good casts, but thanks to the big gun two handers we were able to continue cautiously. 

image5.jpeg totaled an incredible 8 fish all keeper sized and released safe, a session for the books. The big fish went 28” and what a battle on the fly rod, strait corked the 7/8 Beulah switch with huge heads shakes and line ripping dashesimage8.jpeg

6” clousers chart/white, white/white, and blue/white were the ticket. Stop by the shop and pick up some Steve Adachi specials and go hit the surf! It has been a bit of hit and miss on the beach, but that’s how surf fishing goes. Never give up! That next session or next cast could make up for all those blank days. Hope everyone has a great summer, we’ll see you on the beach!

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San Francisco Bay Fly Fishing Report

San Francisco Bay Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports on 5.30.19

The surf and Crissy field has been fishing exceptionally well, especially for California Halibut. It's funny; I initially believed that Halibut hottest month would be March or April, but this has not been the case. This entire May people have been coming into the shop, showing off butt pictures, always the same story too didn't cast far, and the halibut was 15ft out from the beach.

Smaller clousers have been the trick, next time you are out at Crissy field to make sure to have at least one or two size 2 bucktails clouser : either in chartreuse, black, pink, white, or orange.

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Surf Report

Surf Report

Ladies Surf Clinic:


Last Saturday 9 fly fisherwomen came out to Crissy Field to join the LCO crew for the first ever Ladies “Fly Fishing the Surf 101 Clinic”. The range of experience and age made this crew a wonderful mix of anglers. At 7am, with rain on the way, these ladies were ready to buckle down and learn as much as they could before bundling up to hit the surf.

As soon as the demonstrations would finish, everyone would head down to the water, ready fish hard even in the extremely rainy conditions. Their energy was a perfect match for the incoming tide. These ladies were hooking up into Stripers, Surf Perch and even a few Crabs! In fact, this women’s clinic caught more fish than we see in most surf clinics, and I believe that the enthusiasm had everything to do with it.  By the end, we were all drenched, laughing, going over the fish caught, exchanging photos, and planning future times to get together and fish!

In the days after the clinic I was able to chat with a couple of the lady-anglers about their experience. Both had done fly fishing for trout in the past, and had no idea how much they would enjoy fly fishing the surf! And both already had surf fishing days on the books! I am so impressed by how quickly this group developed and how tough they were through the hours of rainy conditions.


Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more ladies out fly fishing the bay in the near future!

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San Francisco Surf Fly Fishing Report

Captain Kevin DeGulis reports on 5.9.19

Open Ocean Time

Well, it’s starting to be that time! Fish have finally made it to San Francisco’s famous Ocean Beach. In the past, three or four days the swell has become much more manageable to giving fly anglers a chance to hook into some nice healthy fish. The LCO team is hugely excited for the opportunity to get into a toad; many believe you can only get a...

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Spring San Francisco Bay Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports on 4.23.19

The San Francisco Bay is started fishing well in early March. LCO teammate Will, and I checked out Crissy Field at a Low tide on March 13th, 2019, we were able to wrangle a smaller California halibut., this seemed to mark the start of the season.

The past month has been excellent for schoolie size striped bass from shore, places like Marin and Crissy field have...

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Surf Fly Fishing Report Report : Monterey Bay

Evan Praskin reports on 3.14.19

I can feel it! Spring is approaching, the smell of migration is in the air, and the bluebird days are becoming more frequent. The striped bass are still being caught down here in Monterey Bay, but you’re going to need to pay your dues and cover water for these “washouts.” Last weekend the annual Sand Crab Classic perch tournament took place in Santa Cruz. 

This is a...

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SF Surf : Cheers to Spring

Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports on 3.14.19

Last night on a hide tide LCO teammate Will roped into a 16-inch CALIFORNIA Halibut (not Pacific) at our local beach Crissy field. The past three days in San Francisco have been sunny and warm which will create more activity in the bay. If this weather keeps up, soon the water will clear to two or three feet in visibility. Hopefully, stripers from the Delta...

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Monterey Bay Surf Fly Fishing Report

Evan Praskin reports on 3.7.19

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking out a return client, and now good friend Lars from Denmark. I called and told him the swell looks good with ok wind in the AM, the downside is we are going to get dumped on most of the morning. He replied “sounds good! What time are we meeting?” Gotta love the spirit. We charged the Surf in hopes of some early season “special...

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Monterey Bay Surf  Fly Fishing Report

Evan Praskin reports on 1.31.19


The past few weekends down here in the Monterey Bay have been excellent! Winter perch season is in full swing with some great quality fish to be caught all over! The population of bigger slot fish are impressive this season with plenty of breeding ready females in the mix.

Perch are abundant and keeping fish will not hurt the fishery, but we do try our best to release...

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