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Fishing Report

Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

Sarah Landstöm Reports on 8.23.2019

This past weekend a group of women headed into Yosemite National Park for our first Ladies Yosemite Weekend. Fishing tiny water with short casts, the group found brown trout, brook trout and rainbows. While most of the fish you'll run into in Yosemite are small, there are some larger fish around! Make sure to approach from, as guide Steve Slater would say, "their back pocket". The trout will usually be facing upstream looking for food. Make sure to try to eliminate drag by lifting your line out of the water as much as possible, ideally the fly is all that is on the water. As far as flies go, the terrestrials were going off! While Parachute Adams an Elk Hair Caddis will work, Hopper patterns had these fish fired up for a big meal. In areas like the Dana Fork, get away from the road and explore a bit. People tend to get in the water along the road so fish tend to not hang around as much. Get out there and enjoy the pocket water and wildflowers! (Photos By: Darcy Dellera)

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