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Fishing Report

Northern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

Jon Baiocchi reports on 5.1.19

Gorgeous spring weather and blue skies have dominated the skies in the Northern Sierra for the last few weeks, and the flows keep pumping at a high level on the Truckee River. At the Granite campground station on Hwy 89 the flows are at 1,530 cubes, add in Donner Creek at 443 cfs and you will find the flows through the town of Truckee at 1,973. Along the Glenshire...

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Little Truckee Fly Fishing Report

Jon Baiocchi Reports on 10.10.17


The Little Truckee River is fishing well despite the large numbers of anglers. Last week I counted 33 vehicles from the top lot to the outlet. Lots of pressure, but unique in the realm, you can find your own space - Do not despair. TBS; Tiny Black Shit with a worm for indicator rigs is the top producer. Think small ball whether nymphing, or making dry fly...

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