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Monterey Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Monterey Surf Fly Fishing Report

Evan Praskin Reports on 6.20.20

Hey everyone, here is a fresh update for the Monterey Bay surf. Stripers are still being caught throughout the bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey. The fish have spread out a bit more now giving many beach chargers a shot at connecting with one of these salty beauties. SC side has some MAJOR bait balls in the area, some half the size of a football field!

Lots of bird diving action along with bass “Blitz’s”( what is this the east coast?!) though we have had some slow days, the action overall is very good. Halibut are also being caught close to shore on the calmer beaches in town, along with some amazing perch action to fill in the slow periods. Some really nice size models are being caught towards the high tide as everything fills in.

The usual small clouser and crab patterns are the ticket. For the halibut let your fly sink and strip it with a slow, repetitive pop retrieve. Hope everyone is enjoying summer as best you can, we’ll see you on the beach! 

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