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Northern California Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Northern California Surf Fly Fishing Report

Ben Engle Reports on 3.11.2020

Finally made it back out to the beach after a little steelhead hiatus and was rewarded with yet another great day of perch fishing on our northern California Beaches.  I'm still finding most of my fish around high tide and they are definitely consolidated on the beach.  We would walk the beach and not get anything at decent looking water and then all of a sudden you couldn't keep perch off your line once you hit the right area.  So my advice to any angler trying the beach stuff is simple. COVER WATER

a good recipe for success out there is anything bigger than a 6wt with at least a sink 6 line.  For flies, you'll need a handful of small clousers, a couple of mole crab patterns, and pack some 25lb test for leader material.  Keep it simple and hit all the good looking rips and buckets and you will find fish. 

I still have guided perch days available out there if you're interested in learning some beach techniques before our striped friends show up in the surf.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about guiding or just need some insight before charging the surf with a fly rod in hand 

Also, make sure to check out our page on fishing the surf.  Some great info in there for the amateur and experienced angler

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