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Fishing Report

Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal Reports on 3.11.2020

There are a lot of solid fly fishing options in Northern CA right now and through the months of March and April. My short list includes: the Lower Sacramento River, Trinity River, Upper Sac, Pit 3, Shasta Lake for bass.

Steelhead season is winding down. There are fish in the upper Trinity River and believe it when I say that February & March have been some of the best fishing we have seen all season long. The reason? The wild fish arrived and with the tribs too low they’ve been hanging out in the river with no place to go. That all may change this weekend when/if we see a return of rain. If the tribs bump… those fish will too! I wish them the best…it’s been a tough few months to be a steelhead in northern CA and they have places they should be.

Lower Sac is a solid option right now. Fishing has been what you’d expect in March with great weather… it’s ON. Water conditions are good, flows are good and many of the springtime bugs are active. PMD’s, BWO’s, spring caddis, along with stoneflies, large drake nymphs, midges and egg patterns rounding out the menu.

The Lower Sac should remain a top choice for anglers over the next few months…

For those walk n wade fly fishers who just wanna… the Upper Sac and Pit 3 can offer up some amazing potential right now. Flows are prime time perfect… just keep an eye on the precip headed this way this weekend. Heavy rain might affect the Upper Sac more than the tailwater of the Pit River below Lake Britton. Similar bugs to the Lower Sac with maybe more of a focus on general attractor patterns like Pheasant Tails, Price Nymphs (hard to beat the Gordon’s Prince), black midges, rubber legs, etc… along with any of your favorite tung. Czech nymphs you’ve been tying up all winter. 

Finally, Shasta bass fishing is really heating up. Yesterday, on the eastside of the lake I saw some of the warmest surface temps yet 55-58 degrees. I got into a mess of spots and some nice hard pulling smallies, too. A lot of fish still clinging deep in 30-40’ of water but plenty are willing on the float n fly as temps warm up in the shallow areas later afternoon. When I’m not trout fishing on the Lower Sac or running late season trips to the Trinity… I am out on Shasta Lake in the bass boat every chance I get right now. 

I have a few open days so take a look at my calendar online at or hit my contact info at the Continue reading

Upper Sac, Pit River, McCloud, Fall River Fly Fishing Reports

Upper Sac, Pit River, McCloud, Fall River Fly Fishing Reports

LCO Reports on 6.26.2019

We have been up fishing in Northern California and having great fishing. The Upper Sacramento River (check out our Upper Sacramento River Profile)  continue to drop into perfect shape. Reports from the McCloud have been moments of brilliance bookended by hard work. The weather has been unseasonably cool for this time of year throwing the bugs off a bit. The Pit River has been the shining star up north with excellent nymphing and fish holding in nearly every little pocket. 

If you are looking for a killer day on a boat check out the fall river. The 5 rivers just completed and the Fall River boasted some incredible #'s and the largest fish of 22". The hex hatch is in full swing on the Lower Fall too!

from Cal Trout: 

All teams crushed it on the third day of the 5 Rivers Challenge, netting a collective 2,449 fish inches across the five rivers. It was a tight race with only 124.5 total fish inches separating the top three teams

🥉 Third place went to Brent Ryhlick and David Merisko with 1,231.5 total fish inches and 109 fish caught.

🥈 Second place went to David Moser and Steve Johnson, who had an epic day on the Upper Sac and McCloud. They netted 117 fish over the three days for a total of 1,246.5 fish inches

🥇 First place went to returning champ Josh Udesen and partner Chad Alderson who reeled in 513" on day three where they fished the Pit and Hat Creek. Josh netted 29 fish on the Pit alone. Their three-day total came in at 123 fish and 1,356 fish inches.

🎣 Largest fish of the tournament was caught by Michael Parry - a 22" hog on the Fall River

We want to thank all the participants and guides for making the time to support CalTrout in this unique way. Huge shoutout to Clearwater Lodge at The Pit River for hosting the event! All proceeds from 5RC go to our work ensuring these five rivers and others across the state have healthy waters for fish and people.

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Rebecca and I headed up to Clearwater Lodge to fish Fall River...

Rebecca and I headed up to Clearwater Lodge to fish Fall River & Hat Creek. We fished late on Sunday evening on the powerhouse 2 riffle. A storm was blowing through leaving sporadic raindrops and cracks of thunder. The 1 billion mosquitoes out were a sign of a good hatch to come. I was thankful for the Simms Bugstopper Shirt and Ben’s 100that I had brought in anticipation of this particular...

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

Anthony Carruesco reports on 7.20.18

The Pit River has been kicking out some excellent summer fishing as well. Again - finding that fast oxygenated pocket-water can be the ticket during the heat of the day. 

There are always dry fly opportunities here late in the day. If you can wade and get around this river well, you should expect to find some great fishing right now. The last light dry fly thing...

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Day 2 of 5 Rivers Challenge: Another fun day and happy anglers...

Day 2 of 5 Rivers Challenge: Another fun day and happy anglers fishing the wild trout waters of Northern California– Fall, Pit, McCloud, Upper Sacramento rivers and Hat Creek. We have 8 two-person teams out on the water, testing their angling skills to see who catches the most fish and the biggest fish. Congrats to Steve Johnson and Mikk Anderson for both catching a 19” from the Pit and Fall rivers. So far the competition has one team far ahead the rest, but with one more half-day fishing today, let’s see how it turns out. Thanks to Mike Wier for the photos; he joined teams on the McCloud River and Hat Creek, with a little hex in the evening on Fall River. 

Golden Stones, PMDS, and caddis pupa are to be expected this time of year. 

Hex’s are popping on the Fall River too!

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal reports on 6.6.18


Pit River at #3 is in great shape… the water seems a tad high… but that may be that I’m getting older. Having a wading staff is just as important as bringing plenty of split shots. 

Without either, you will not catch many fish. That said… the dry fly fishing in the late evening time could be very good this time of year. Didn’t see prolific hatches of bugs, however,...

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

Anthony Carruesco reports on 6.6.17


Pit has been FANTASTIC recently. Fish have been chowing subsurface. A lot of action for the angler that can wade a bit and cover the water here. 

I don’t think there is a more productive small stream in the North State than this gem. Giggling-good fishing out there right now. Big Stones, sallies, caddis and various mayflies all out and about. 

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal reports on 5.24.18

Pit River

The Pit River was en fuego the last few weeks despite the flows being
a little higher and water a little more off color. If you explored a bit and know this
river system you would have no problem finding the fishy spots and finding the
grabby trout. 

For flies it’s hard to go wrong with the “usual suspects”… Bird’s Nest, Gordon
Prince, Fox’s Poopah, Silveys caddis,...

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report


We just had some buddies come back from fishing the pit. Fish are focused on small mayflies in the morning 16′s and 18′s and switching to caddis in the after. 

Also try fishing a few larger Isonychia Nymphs as fish we liking these too. A number of rattlesnakes were spotted so be careful!

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