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Lost Coast Fishing Report

Lost Coast Outfitters compiles a weekly Northern California fishing report, with updated information on our favorite places to fish. Whether you're just hitting the surf for the afternoon, or driving north for steelhead, we've got the latest reports and conditions.

0-2 Hours From SF

The Surf

San Francisco’s closest fishery the local bays and beaches fish year round making San Francisco one of the best places to live as a fly angler. We target Stripers, Surf Perch, Halibut, and Salmon from our Local shorelines. Learn more about fishing the surf.

The Delta

The California Delta is one of the most prolific and diverse fisheries in the world. The Delta occupies about 1200 sq miles and boasts such game species as Striped Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Crappie, Carp, Salmon, and bluegill. Learn more about fishing the Delta.

Putah Creek

San Francisco’s closest trout fishery Putah Creek is 1 hour north of San Francisco. Putah Creek is a technical fishery that can reward good drifts with trophy size trout. While putah Creek is open year round we ask that you not fish it from December 1st to March 1st to allow for fish to Spawn. Learn more about Putah Creek…

2-4 Hours From SF

Lower Yuba River

Just Outside of Marysville The Lower Yuba is a 21 mile long tailwater fishery flowing out of Englebright Lake characterized by long runs, crater-like pools, and wide riffles. However, it's more known for the feisty native rainbows that call this river home. You will find great opportunities for dry fly fishing, swinging and of course nymphing. Learn more about Fly Fishing the Lower Yuba River.

Stanislaus River

One of the most under fished and best rivers in California. The Lower Stan is just 2 hours and 20 mins from SF and is open year round. Healthy rainbows and stripers in the lower river await. Head up river to the North Fork out of downeyville, The South Fork Below Pinecrest, Or the Middle fork from donnell to beardsly to find some nice rainbows and browns.

American River

The American River is a 23 mile stretch of water flowing out of nimbus damn eventually meeting the Lower Sacramento River. This relatively urban river is known for its diverse runs of fish (Steelhead, Shad, Salmon, and Stripers) and easy access. The American River’s relatively moderate slope and cobble/gravel bottom makes this river a waders paradise.

Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento is rated one of the best tailwater fisheries in the US. It flows through downtown Redding, meandering through residential subdivisions, office buildings, and recreational areas. This river is a lifeline for most of California, providing water for central valley agriculture. It just so happens that Rainbows that inhabit the river are football shaped and weigh up to 15 lbs. The Lower Sac is also know for a large Striper, Shad, and Salmon population.

North of Redding, The Upper Sacramento River consists of 35-ish miles of trout filled river that is open all year long. Plenty of public access, created by the train tracks that parallel the Upper Sacramento, make it a fly fisher’s delight. Diverse in features, the Upper Sacramento River boast breath taking waterfalls, trout filled pocket water, and crystal clear pools.

Truckee River

The only outlet of the massive Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River is a fly fisherman’s playground, offering pleasant, small stream fishing for stocked rainbows to mysterious canyon water harboring jumbo, wild browns. Flowing through Truckee and reno eventually terminating in Pyramid Lake the Truckee has much to offer the fly angler.

Little Truckee River

A small river, the little truckee is mostly fished between Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. It offers a lot of the same fishing opportunities as it’s big brother from killer rainbows to giant browns the “LT” if a first class river.

North Fork Yuba

The North Fork of the Yuba River is a beginner’s paradise but a seasoned angler will have a wonderful time as well. The North Fork of the Yuba River fishes best in the summer months after the snow melt has occurred. Snow melt depending on the year is generally finished up by June. The North Fork of the Yuba River is over 60 miles long, most of which is paralleled by highway 49. The hot summer days allow anglers to fish without waders which is a huge plus for beginning fly fishers who may not have waders.

4-6 Hours From SF

Trinity River

Flowing out of Lewiston Lake about 45 min west of Redding is most commonly fished for Steelhead from August to April. The Upper fly only section below lewiston dam can provide some great fishing all summer long and is one of our favorite places to take beginners.

Hat Creek

Hat Creek begins up near Lassen mountain and flows into Lake Britton. Hat Creek takes on many forms from a high mountain stream to, PGE Concrete lined power ditch, and then back to a beautiful spring creek. Hat Creek offers diverse bug life, great hatches, and beautiful fish.

Pit River

Known around the world as one of toughest rivers to wade, the pit river will reward those who wade its banks with healthy rainbows, and browns. Most commonly fished between Lake Britton and Shasta Lake. Pit 3 is the most is a favorite of most fly anglers with the other reaches being left to the more adventurous anglers.

McCloud River

Is a world renowned fishery right here in our backyard. Known for it’s rugged beauty, huge fish, and impeccable genetics the McCloud River is mostly spring fed before going into McCloud Reservoir. The McCloud is mostly fished from the Reservoir down to Shasta lake.

Eastern Sierra

On the other side of the Sierra Mountain range lies a beautiful valley surrounded by killer peaks and stunning vistas. This is all well and good but the real attraction is the trout filled rivers that make the eastside a fly anglers paradise.

Pyramid Lake

A desert lake in Nevada, Pyramid is known around the country for it’s 20lb + Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. You have probably heard stories of anglers freezing as they cast from ladders in hopes of tying into a fish of a lifetime.

Lake Davis

Crystal Clear waters and phenominal hatches lake daves is revered as one of the best fly fishing lakes in California.

6+ Hours From SF

Klamath River

The Klamath river is one California’s larger waterways, originating in Oregon, offers trout fishing above the soon to be removed Iron Gate dam and steelheading below. Trout fishing in the early summer.

Deschutes River