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Fishing Report

Pyramid Lake-January/February '24

Pyramid Lake-January/February '24

Pyramid Lake-January/February '24


We have experienced a slow start to the action at Pyramid Lake in 2024, but great fish are being caught by those willing to persevere. Lately the most effective tactic has been running various colors of balanced leeches 8-11 feet under an indicator. As the water begins to warm up come March, the bite should shift over towards midges. Top patterns have been classic balanced leeches in olive, black, purple and white, pine squirrel leeches and moo minnows.  

Between passing storms that make it over the Sierra Nevada, the lake can be dead calm. During glassy conditions, the bobber bite can be tricky, and stripping can be much more effective. Guys have been sticking quality fish stripping smaller beetles and tadpoles as well as leech patterns. Top patterns have been Popcorn Beetles, Foam Boobies and Midnight Cowboys. 

As far as gear goes, we have been doing it all with the LCO Golden Gate rods. Switch rods have truly revolutionized the way Pyramid is fished, and the Golden Gate has performed perfectly. The ideal line setup for indicators for us has been the #6 420gr Rio Elite Switch Chucker with a Light 10ft floating Rio MOW Tip. It perfectly loads the Golden Gate rod. It is easy to hold onto, and even with frozen fingers, it turns over long and heavy bobber rigs like nothing. The Golden Gate is a great option for a stripping rig as well, in our experience the Rio Outbound Shooting Head in ST9S6 has been perfect combined with the Airflo Ridge 2.0 running line. 


Big indicator rigs can be challenging to cast. We like to start out with twenty inches of 20 lb Maxima Chameleon with a large loop on one end, large enough to pass a sizable indicator through without too much trouble. Using a blood knot, attach 6 ft of 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen and slide on a Large Size Jaydacator. On the opposite end, attach a Rio Micro Swivel. From the swivel you can attach different lengths of tippet depending on how deep you'd like to fish. For example, add 3 feet to your first fly and then 2 feet to the second fly. As for tippet we recommend, Rio Fluoroflex in 1-2 x. Pyramid fish can be a bit picky and unpredictable, especially the big ones, so it’s best to cover as many bases as you can to up your odds at a hog. It’s a big rig, but Maxima Chameleon is stiff.  A switch rod will make quick work turning over, even in the wind and chop. Consider adding a heavy split shot above the swivel, size SSG is ideal. Adding weight has a few advantages. It gets your flies down quick, but will also make your indicator sit a bit lower in the water. This allows the indicator to become a hair trigger, and will exaggerate the most subtle of takes. Very helpful in calmer conditions. 

Stripping rigs are much simpler, to the end of your shooting head,  attach 6ft of 1x Rio Fluoroflex. Then, with a loop knot, attach your fly of choice. 

Another option is to strip a two fly rig. Attach 4ft of 1x Rio Fluoroflex to your fly line, and create a small dropper loop about 18 inches from the end. Next, attach 6 inches of 2x Rio Fluoroflex to the dropper loop and with a loop knot, attach a weighted fly of your choice. We recommend the Beldars Bugger in black or olive. Finally, attach a buoyant fly of your choice off the other end of the tippet. We recommend a JF Popcorn Beetle or a similar pattern with plenty of movement. 

This time of year, where to fish on the lake can be a bit of a crapshoot. Just about anywhere on the lake can produce. Crowds can suck to fish in, but typically don’t mean there aren’t fish in the area. Find a rock or beach you like and grind it out. Fish are on the move and will make an appearance eventually. If not, roll a fatty, and enjoy the view.

Need help getting out on the water? We have the connects to get you dialed in! Give our friend Autumn Harry a call. As the first female Paiute Guide in the area, she has done a lot for the fishery and community locally. Furthermore, she is incredibly knowledgeable on where the fish are throughout the season, and how to get them to hand. 

If you are a member of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club or Peninsula Fly Fishers, We highly encourage you to take them up on a fish-out they may be hosting up at the lake! 


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