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Fishing Report

Jay Clark Reports 05/29/24: Plumas County

Jay Clark Reports 05/29/24: Plumas County


Plumas County:

Fishing remains very good on the Middle Fork Feather River in Plumas County. Flows are starting to get a bit low on the upper reaches with the Portola gauge reading 75 cfs and falling. Below Frazier and Graeagle Creeks flows are around 150-200cfs and in Sloat it’s estimated at 525cfs. Water temps are ranging from 52-63 degrees with the colder water below Two Rivers. 

Very good hatches with pmd’s, baetis and green drakes hatching midday with caddis and yellow sallies are ovipositing as well. This is resulting in an excellent midday dry fly bite. Sparkle Flag(14-16), yellow comparadun (14), parachute adams (14-18), and hairs ear trude (14) have all caught fish this week. Dry dropper has been excellent as well with most fish eating the nymph. Plastic Surgeon (14-16), Electrolyte Baetis (14-16) and the Rusty jig (14-16) have been my go to bugs as of late. None of these flies are available commercially so any good baetis and pmd pattern will get fish. (LCO Recommendations include: our Micro Perdigon, Frenchie, and TNT Jigs)
Lastly, swinging Dolly Llamas on the trout Spey has been sooo much fun as of late. Soft hackles have also produced very well on the swing. 
Looking forward, we have about 6 weeks left before this prolific fishery will be too warm to safely practice catch and release. When the water temps hit 68-70 degrees I will stop guiding here until temps drop down in September. 
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Matt Heron Reports 05/29/24: Truckee River Area

Matt Heron Reports 05/29/24: Truckee River Area


Truckee River Area:

Again, not a lot to report as far as changes to the river this week. We’re continuing to see a Yo-Yo pattern with snowmelt and the flows.

Not surprisingly, last week’s drop in flows stopped once it warmed up again. Through town and above Boca we’re seeing swings from 650-750cfs. Below Boca, Canyon flows are from 1200-1400 on average. These are very fishable flows for down there, but make sure you’re fishing the slow water along the edges and banks. Water temps are still around the mid-40s and fish have yet to consistently move into faster water.

Depending on what report you read last from me, it may or may not have included Carpenter Ants. Last week they totally disappeared, this week they are back again. So, make sure you have a half dozen with you to fish as single dry, or even a dry dropper.

We are continuing to see afternoon Baetis and March Brown hatches. That said, Blue Wings are out 50:1 to the March Browns. If you get lucky, you’ll find the occasional fish on top, but there’s not many. Another reason to have some big Carpenter Ants around to blind cast. Rubberlegs with a baetis dropper are the ticket.

We’ve continued to get a few fish on swung soft hackles and small leech patterns. It’s been super fun for our clients that have committed to it!

Those 50-degree water temps are right around the corner, it’s time to start stocking that box up with PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Golden Stones and Crayfish. Prime summer conditions will be here before we know it!

Quick Reports…

NV Side, Truckee River

The NV side continues to fish very well though runoff. The water should be dropping more by the week and our regular guests are gearing up for streamer time down there. Same bugs as the C.A. but start looking for PMD adults too. June and early July can kick out some of the best browns of the year if your streamer game is on point. Read a bit more HERE.

Middle Fork, Feather River

The MF continues to fish well this week and should for quite a while. Our guides are consistently getting our guests into fish from 10-17 inches. It’s been a good mix of indicator fishing and dry flies. You could even say it’s prime time!

BWOs, Yellow Sallies and Caddis are all on the menu. Most dry fly action has been in the afternoon.

Sawmill Lake

Sawmill Lake has started out with a bang this year. Like years past, the early season bite is pumping out some really big fish, full of “piss and vinegar” as my dad says. Bobbers, stripping and some dry fly opportunities are all on the menu this time of year.

Daily Classes

Our summer classes are open for the year and fishing has been fantastic. Our private, stocked pond is full of beautiful rainbows and our students are catching fish every day. If you or anyone you know is looking to improve their cast, or practice their fish fighting skills, you can learn more HERE

Feel free to drop Lu and a note if you're looking to get in on the action with one of our amazing guides or instructors this summer. Spots won't last long, especially once the hatches get going!

Matt Heron Fly Fishing
School and Outfitter
Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Olympic Valley


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Eastern Plumes Creek Fly Fishing Report

Eastern Plumes Creek Fly Fishing Report

The Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service for the Northern Sierra;

Eastern Plumas Creeks: Most of the creeks that flow into the Middle Fork Feather River are in prime shape right now, and the creekin season begins. The harder the access is, the better the fishing, not just now, but all through the season. Which reminds me of lessons learned by my Dad in the 70’s where we would venture down steep slopes to sections of the East Branch of the Feather River off Hwy 70 and never see a human foot print. Fishing the creeks does not require technical rigging or exact imitations on the end of your line. These wild trout are eager to feed as their season is often much shorter than your typical salmonid of a Sierra freestone river. Attractors, terrestrials, and caddis patterns are all that you need. I’ve been using the Redington Classic Trout 8’6” 3 weight matched with the 2/3 Zero reel and it is the perfect tool for plying creeks – and it won’t break the bank. I also use this set up for my guests on guided trips where dry fly fishing is the norm. So many bodies of water are perfect right now that it’s difficult to choose which one to fish. Go with your heart, and I’ll see you where the wild things are…

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Lost Sierra Creeks Fly Fishing Report

Jon Baiocchi reports on 3.20.19

Lost Sierra Creeks: 

With a huge snowpack this year, you can expect conditions to be a month later than normal. I’m thinking the last week of June into the end of September will be best. The creeks of Eastern Plumas County fished really well last year since the drought. Just like my dad used to say “If you want better fishing and bigger fish, just add water!”

If you’re...

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