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Fishing Report

Russian River, Yuba, and American Shad

Russian River, Yuba, and American Shad

Shad are in! We have reports for the following rivers:

Russian River

Russian River Fly Fishing Report

Just came into shape, but then the recent rains and upcoming rains will likely affect the clarity.  

American River

A good number of shad and stripers being reported on the American River. She is flowing at 9k fishing from the bank though. 

Yuba River

High and Flowing steady at 6660 CFS. They plan to drop the river to 5k next week if you believe the river forecast. Yuba River Dam Release Schedule 5/14:

Short-term Forecast

Englebright Reservoir is expected to continue spilling until June. It is anticipated that total releases from Englebright Reservoir will range between 7,000 cfs, and 5,000 cfs for the next week. Flows in the lower Yuba River are managed to comply with license and flow requirements. Flows can change swiftly and suddenly, so be prepared when recreating on the lower Yuba River or avoid the river for your safety.

Yuba River Fly Fishing Report



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West Coast Striper Report

Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports on 8.15.18

Established 1882


Can you say Halibut? The bite is back! Sunday Lost Coast Outfitters hosted a Fly Fish the surf clinic at Crissy Field.


Matt Tymstra with a nice one

 Participants came from all over the bay area to see what it takes to fly fish in the Pacific Ocean. From wind to sunshine the team experienced the infamous San Francisco microclimates.


The clinic is...

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Lower Sac Striper Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 6.21.18

Valley Stripers

Striper fishing on the Lower Sac and Valley rivers continues to pick up and the heat wave coming this weekend should really get the fish feeding. 

The water temps have been a bit on the cold side so some HOT weather will do the river good. The full moon next week and that always kicks the fish into gear a bit as well. July-October is PRIME time and...

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American River Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens reports on 5.17.18


Flow 1750cfsClarity 10ft vizFishing Good to GreatThe striper fishing is really heating up, and we are hooking fish from 3-8lbs on a regular daily basis, with to many fish from 16-22" all day long. These fish are hitting hard and fighting even harder, so bring you’re a game and a strong 7-8wt rod and hold on. The right fly and a good presentation is what it’s...

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American River Fly Fishing Report

Nor Cal Fly Guides Reports on 1.18.18

  • Fishing: Fair
  • Clarity: 6ft slight color
  • Flows: 3000

The opener was phenomenal, I didnt take my boat out, to much of a hassle so just decided to wade fish, I fished 1 spot for a few hours and stuck 10 fish landing 5 of them. Mostly the smaller Coleman strain fish ranging from 20-22" and a mix of hatchery and wild fish. I did manage to hook 1 big winter fish,...

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Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens at Nor Cal Fly Guides Reports on 8.23.2017


American River:
Flows - 3600cfs
Clarity - Clear
Fishing - Fair to Good
The shad are finally gone, YYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This means that its time for striper fishing again, and it has been getting better over the past few weeks. We are seeing the typically shakers, but a few bigger fish from 3-7lbs have been hooked as well, this will continue though...

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Nor Cal Fly Fishing Report

Nor Cal Fly Guides Reports on 6.25.2017

Well this report comes to you a bit late, its not because of the great weather we have been having, but the great fishing we are having, but its better late then never. With the longest spring we have seen in years, getting out on local water has been a bit tough. Over the past few months almost all of my trips have been on the Lower Sac with a few on Putah....

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American & Yuba River Fishing Report

American River 6/16/2017


Flows have dropped back down to just over 6k making access much easier Shad are being caught all day with the evening being the highest success rate. Pinies and other shad darts on a type 3 or 6 shooting head will do the trick.That is if you are not chasing stripers around.

Photo By Fish Habit Outfitters:

Yuba River 6/16/2017


Nice to see the yuba flow down 3k. Shad and...

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Redding Area and Sierra Foothills Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens reports on 4.27.17

Hello Everyone,

WOW, what a start to the 2017 fishing season. All we can say is water, water, and more water. Oh, and more water to come. Hopefully the rainy season is behind us, and only good fishing to come.

This year has been a bit challenging, especially on local water. The opener on the American was the worst in years, the Feather was brown due to the damage to...

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Creekin’ Fly Fishing Report

Jordan Romney reports on 3.1.17


Trust me, you are not the only angler in California chomping at the bit to wet a line somewhere. Fishing so far in 2017 has been a bust. With only a handful of options and days to fish it has been tough out there.  We got the much-needed precipitation we asked for, ten-fold.  With the raging rivers, we may need to be looking at other options.  

The rivers are...

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