The Team

The Lost Coast Outfitters Team

When the idea was hatched to build an exceptional fly shop in San Francisco, LCO rounded up some old friends and great anglers. These are the people making this project possible.

George Revel
Founder & President

Eric Adema

Doug Biederbeck
Advisor - Business Strategy

Jeff Thompson
Advisor - Conservation

Brooks Walker
Advisor - Store Design

Evan Lebon

Bill Lowe
Always The Master of Cool

Cal Nakanishi
Advisor - Real Estate

William McClintock
Advisor - CPA

Rebecca Miller
Advisor - Marketing

Ben Paull
Advisor - Video

Keith Brauneis
Advisor - Video

Founding Members

Equally as important as those who contribute mindshare and expertise are those who invest financially in the project. Would you like to be a Founding member? Included in the benefits are fishing reports, concierge service, priority days with the world's best guides and 20% reward points.

Adam Dwinells

Brooks Walker

Doug Biederbeck

Dr. Larry Murphy

Jim Mayol

Steve Rogers

Linda Ach

Ken Haupt

Still Waiting for a photoKevin Eldridge

Anonymous Anonymous