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California Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Evan Praskin Reports on 5.28.20

What’s up all my surf fishing people! Hope you all are hanging in there through these crazy times. Wanted to get out a quick surf update and let you all know some of the low down for the Monterey Bay beaches. Unfortunately during the last few months rules and regulations were changing back and forth with some false or misleading info mixed in as well. First let’s talk about the fish! The stripers are here and have been for some time, of course during the same time the SIP was ordered. Along with the bass, there has been some very good perch action to fill in the slower days. In general we have had some beautiful weather with very fishable conditions. Typical clouser patterns 4-6” are working for both perch and bass(Chartreuse over white/ blue over white), of course your smaller sand crab imitations are catching fish as well(fish them both!) 

Now let’s talk about access.... This is all information from what I have researched and gathered, but I have heard mixed stories of tickets still being issued so please use common sense and make safe choices while venturing out. So as of right now there is a beach activity restriction in the Santa Cruz/ Watsonville coastline from 11am-5pm. It states that you may exercise and participate in water activities, but no lounging or group gatherings. The major factor right now for the entire Monterey bay is beach access via parking. Most all state lots are locked with very limited parking along the streets, this is where it can get tricky. Please do yourself a favor and look before you commit to a spot. Take a look around and look at signage, people have been removing signs and opening up taped off areas to park. Be sure to do your own due diligence to avoid an accidental ticket. Lastly please be aware that car break ins along our beaches have bee on the rise! Do not leave anything of value in your vehicles. If you must, hide them well and double check you locked your doors. My guiding has been on hold for the last few months, but I am planning on starting up again come June. Hope you all stay safe and healthy, we’ll see you on the beach! 

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