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Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee Fishing Report 7/31/2021

Click on any fly described in this report to be directed to purchase them on our website. 

This report was submitted by Jeremy Wright a Truckee based guide.

To be guided by Jeremy please call Matt Heron Fly Fishing at 518-225-6587

If you’re on the water by 5:30/6 a.m. and off by 11 the Truckee is still fishing rather well.  After 11 the water temps really skyrocket with the sun so high in the sky.  The smoke from the Dixie and Tamarack fires helped keep the temps cooler in the day, but our incredible firefighters and some much needed rain the last few days have put the fires down so we’ve got blue skies again.  Fortunately it’s been a little cloudy as well so temps haven’t been nuclear and the nights have been in the mid 40’s, giving the water a chance to cool off.

The upper river from Tahoe City to River Ranch can be fun in the morning.  Walk the bike path, throw some #8-#12 orange/yellow Stimulators near the willows or tightline/dry-dropper the runs.  Fish are eating pretty good sized Stimis so don’t be shy. Hang a #18 Brassie, or a red Copper John about 18” under the Stimi and good things should happen.  If you can handle it, put the Copper John first and tie a Brassie/Zebra midge onto the Copper John.  Roll casts help!!

USFS Campgrounds from River Ranch to Truckee are productive. Same techniques as the upper river, just less access due to private property.  Don’t trespass, stay in the campgrounds.

Glenshire area has been pretty good lately.  The key is fishing fast water!! Pocket water is your friend, tight-lining and dry-dropper are the way to go.  Don’t need to be super deep, the fish are in the fastwater, at the very beginning of the runs, right behind or in front of larger rocks and anywhere 2 runs/bubble lines converge.  Get out of the pools and walk upstream.  Midge hatch when the sun hits, then PMD’s and small white Caddis, #18-#22’s should get the job done.

The Canyon from Hirschdale down to stateline is great right now. 500 CFS.  Access to Hirschdale is basically non-existent right now (ask Sam at the shop) so go farther down the canyon and explore the other exits/pullovers.  Crawdads are molting, Summer Stones are everywhere.  Go big with one of your nymphs and don’t be afraid to try a Chernobyl Chubby dry. They’ll eat them.  And as always add more weight when nymphing!!

Please carry a thermometer, I clip mine on my wading boot and get off the water when it’s 66 degrees.  It’s 8 a.m. I just got off the river and the water temp was 60ish when I left.  Get out there early, stick a few, go home and take a nap. 

Sam from the shop here.  
You can also go to our Lost Coast Outfitters River Specific Fly packs, link here, and select the Truckee river.  The box will reflect Jeremey's suggestions! 
We recommend the Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer- right now we have them in stock in blue.  

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Koles Reports on 6.26.2019

Flows have dropped on the Truckee River.

Down to about 1,400 cfs here in the Hirsch. Not bad. That will open up a lot more water for us to fish. 1,400 k is still high, but not that far off from normal summertime flows compared to what it’s been. I’m guessing about 10 days. 4th of July, they should turn the hose off out of the lake for the tubers along the TC stretch.

So think pmd, golden stones, green drakes-nymphing wise, and of course the old trusty crayfish. Lots of bugs out, just not much fish looking up. We should have the caddis pop any evening here. Should be this week. That gets some fish looking up right before dark. It also gets a lot these fish keyed in on the pupa all day. Get your G-6’s. You’ll need them.

Kinda of a fun time to throw some dry droppers. Some fish will come up on that dry. Especially this time of year, early in the summer. If you’re not a nymphing person, throw the dry dropper. At time, it can be just as effective as any nymph rig.

We should have a great couple months here, summertime fishing on the Truckee River. Plenty of water and big fat trout.

I have just a couple days open this next 2 weeks. I do have a few guides I highly recommend and can book for you.

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River 

Kinda rolling right into summer on the Truckee River. 

Flows were slowly coming down. That opened up a lot more fishable water down the entire river. It was about 1,700 k here in the Hirsch. High, but a lot more user friendly than 4000 k. 2000 k here this morning. Up a bit again.

I would bet on an average snow year flows right now would be, 600-800 cfs. So we still gotta ways to go, but we ain’t that far off. Give it about 2-3 weeks. Good wading flows are like 300-600 cfs. That opens up the whole river.

Lots of bugs flying about. You may get lucky and have the stars align and have an epic dry fly fishing day. I feel the flows are still high for that, but you never know. Wait ’till them caddis pop. It’s a few weeks behind right now, but man, they’re gonna explode here soon.

Remember, trouts feed about 90 precent of the time sub-surface. Get into their World, and you’ll catch some fish. Truckee River Trouts like it down and dirty. Just the way it is.

Weather is still really nice. Not so hot yet in the afternoons. It’s coming, enjoy the perfect weather for now.

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Koles reports on 6.14.19

Not a better time to be up on the Truckee River.

Weather-wise, it’s perfect. Still cold at night, about in the 70’s during the day. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s always either way hot here, or way too cold, or windy. Almost never like this.

Fishing, well, flows have actually come way down. Almost under 2000k here in the Hirsch. It’s been up, down, and up again, and down again. 2000 k is much more mellow than 4000 k, but she’s still raging. It does open up a bit more water, but honestly it ain’t much different than it has been for the last 4 months. Under 1000 k and we’re in serious business. Think first week of July, last week of June.

You here some guides and folks talking about bugs and things, and yes, there has been some. Look, you ain’t gonna get any fish on top until these flows drop. We will miss the green drakes and pmds and all that stuff. We will have caddis to look forward too, eventually. The water is high and cold, that sets back the hatches. Usually right now it pops for all those bugs. Going into the second week of June is prime time. This week would be it. They will eat the nymphs, but don’t look for any good dry fly fishing just yet. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

So for now, same as it’s been. Get yourself away from the guides and other anglers and find some trouts. Hirschdale is shell shocked. These fish have PTSD. Think outside the box and maybe you’ll get some fish. Fish are spreading out and they’re all over the river. 106 miles of it.

The Tight Line Nymph Clinic is sold out. I’ll have one more in July, and some other cool classes going into fall. Mainly the Advanced Fly Fishing Clinic.

Just to let you guys know. I am almost completely booked this month. The first week of July too. I do have 2 other guides I am now working with, so if you need a guide, call me and I can set you up.

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Northern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

Northern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

Jon Baiocchi reports on 6.14.19

The phone has been ringing of the hook the last couple of weeks and folks are itching to get out and fish, unfortunately, prime time is still a ways off for great trout fishing. I will can tell you this, we will experience really good fishing from July until late fall, and the dog days of summer might not even happen. For people who do not live in or near the Northern Sierra it is difficult for them to understand just how much snow is still up high and that it all still has to melt. Water agencies, law enforcement, and counties have been issuing warnings on recreation in or near rivers, and even closing some off totally to the public. Here is the scoop on waters I have been scouting, fishing, and guiding on:

North Fork Yuba River -  Flows are ripping especially near the top of the watershed where the river channel is narrower. Water temps are in the high 40’s. I won’t even begin to get serious about fishing/guiding here until the 2nd week of July. The upside is we will have a great mid summer and fall season here.

Middle Fork Feather River – out of all the rivers, the Middle Feather is the lowest, and with more fishable water. Graeagle area has been best, just remember the flows increase as you move downstream of Jamison creek. Fishing has been good with both indicator rigs, and limited dry fly sessions. Gray Drakes, BWOs, and caddis are active. Now is the time to fish the MFFR, once flows drop in the upper watershed, the bigger fish move downstream into the canyon.

Lake Davis – The lake is at full pool which I dislike, there are minimal peninsulas and coves, and lots of willows in the water (great habitat for the bass though, if you’re into that sort of thing). Established weed beds are deep, and the shallows will take a while to become fertile with bug populations and weeds. Damsels are not out yet, but there are Calibaetis and blood midges out. Water temps are right around 63 degrees. I will know more next week as I’m hosting a 3 day fish out for Gold Country Fly Fishers.

Frenchman Lake – I do like Frenchman at a fuller pool unlike Lake Davis. Conditions were good a month ago, but now are poor. I would focus on the north end of the lake early in the morning, then mid-day switch to a break away indicator 20 to 25 feet down with blood midge pupa or (hint) Zebra Midge. Frenchman’s biggest bug populations are chironomids and Calibaetis mayflies. Look for much better conditions this coming fall on both stillwaters as more trout will be planted and lower lake levels.

Truckee Area – The flows have come down on the Big Truckee a little bit, but still big. It will continue to be a yo yo effect with flow levels due to so many contributing factors like air temps that effect the melt, releases from dams, and inflows from tributaries. Yeah, there are some hatches out, but those fish are not looking up. One tactic you can implement is to fish accurate size and profiles of those nymphs active under the water’s surface. Bob Quigley’s Green Drake nymph would be a prime example.

Your best bet right now is fishing Prosser, Stampede, and Boca reservoirs. Fish where the inflows coming in and beyond the last riffle by about 200 yards. There are dry fly opportunities as well. Indicators rigs, slow stripping intermediate lines, and dry/droppers rigs are all productive. Be patient, conditions will change for the better in a month or so. See you out there!

Jon Baiocchi
578 Sutton Way #255
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 228-0487 


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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River

Flows dropped after that 2 week cold spell to more manageable 2100 CFS in Canyon and around stateline.  I would imagine with warmer temps next week we will see some bigger runoff.  Clarity is very good up near town so lighten up on tippet.

Bugs starting to show including march browns, Baetis, stoneflys, and look for winged ants over next week.  They are coming.

Water will be big all summer.  Fishing is very good if you can get to softer edges and eddys.



916 934-9268

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Heron reports on 5.30.19

Truckee Report- May 30th
After two weeks of rain and snow in Tahoe the end may finally be in sight. Although the weather has been less than ideal, our guests who have braved the elements have been rewarded with quality fish on the Truckee.
Although some really warm tems could change everything in an instant, it appears the flows on both rivers are dropping for the fist time in months. The water is steelhead green to clear and the fish are slowing moving out of their winter holding lies.
Our guests have been getting fish on a mix on baetis, march browns, midges and some early season caddis. Indicator and tightlinning have been the way to go with leeches, crayfish and rubberlegs as your attractor. 
We're seeing terrific baetis and March brown hatches at lunch every but in typical early season fashion, the fish aren't eating on top with any consistency. 
It also wouldn't hurt to throw streamers. Fish are on the move and are definitely willing to eat the big stuff.
Your window for that brown of a lifetime is closing by the day as the water drops and clears. The big boys are extremely challenging with low, clear flows in the summer months. Now is the time if you want to head hunt some Truckee gold. 
As you can see there are still a few around!
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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Koles reports on 5.30.19


More rain and snow.

Good for fishing, not much fun for anything else.

I’ve been mostly down on the Nevada side of the Truckee River just to get out of the rain, that, and I have the whole place to myself. Good solid fishing. Normally, I’d be done floating the river down there around this time just because it’s too hot, not this year.

Flows have remained steady this week. Still high, but not as high the last few months. Water is very clear here, and just a little off color the lower you go down the river.

So on the fishing front, not much has changed. Bring a rain jacket, pack some streamers, and fish some nymphs. Seems like the trouts are more keyed in on the hatching bugs now, and not the worms and eggs and things. Think march browns, green drakes, golden stones, beatis, and pmd nymphs. This is a really great time to throw streamers. The water is a little warmer than a few months ago and we have good overcast, mainly low pressure conditions. Getting one fish on a streamer is worth 10 on the bobber rig.

Gonna have a tight line nymph clinic on June 15.

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Koles reports on 5.23.19

Good solid fishing on the Truckee River.

Some rain and snow this last weekend, ugh. I guess by this weekend it will be nice again.

Flows have dropped to under 3000 k. About 2,700 here in the Hirsch. Little lower through Reno and about 3000 k through the Conservancy. They were 1000 cfs higher last week. Flows haven’t been this low in months, and it’s still big.

Crazy, as there’s still a lot of snow on them mountains.

Seems like the dirt snakes are working a little less and less, and the nymphs are starting to work a little better. Bummer, I like nymphing the double worm rig and climbing rope. Life was easy, now it’ll get harder with the lower clearer water. Might even use 3X. Nymphs to use would be beatis, march browns, and stoneflies.

The streamer fishing has been good too. That’s your ticket for big trout. Californians don’t streamer fish, not sure why. Take a clue from the boys in the big sky state. Learn to streamer fish. We got a brown the other day and he spit up a 5 inch crayfish. I don’t think that trout gives 2 shits about a micro mayfly drifting by. Most big brown trout don’t.

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Koles reports on 5.13.19

Great last week on the Truckee River.

We had a great clinic this weekend. Look for some more in the future.

Nice big spring flows. Flows have dropped just a bit the last few days. Mainly it’s just what they’re doing with the reservoirs, not so much the run off that’s making the flows. If you noticed Boca is low as they are working on the dam.

Yeah, good spring fishing,...

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