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Fishing Report

Feather River Fly Fishing Report

Ryan Johnston reports on 3.29.18

Feather River

Feather River - The Feather River has been average as of late. There are more and more fish starting to show up in the system. Currently, there are a lot of fish in the 17-19" range. It has been challenging to find bigger fish this spring. It is just a matter of time before we run into a couple of good ones. One thing that needs to be noted is that the...

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Lower Feather Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 3.28.18

Lower Feather River 


I have been spending most of my time the last week swinging flies on the feather river for spring steelhead. Flows are normal and clarity is a bit off with the recent rains as the dirty water from the lake moves through the watershed. There are fair numbers of spring run steelhead in the river - both half pounders and a few true adults. Great...

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Lower Sac and Feather River Fly Fishing Report

Ryan Johnston reports on 3.16.18

Lower Sac

The fishing on the Sac continues to impress. The amount of bugs coming off right now is really impressive. From spring caddis, to March Browns, to PMDs, and even baetis in the mix there are all kinds of food in the drift right now to get those rainbows fat and happy. The best part is that we are getting some legitimate dry fly fishing in every day right...

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Lower Feather Fly Fishing Report

Marin Unversaw reports on Jan 6, 2018:

The Feather’s water is clear with a little green tinge. For us it was overcast with some light rain. Conditions are good. Water level worked for crossing selected pieces of water.
Salmon are mostly done, with many fragrant memorials to those brave Salmon who swam under the Golden Gate Bridge, and all the way up to Oroville to party.

For me it was 101, to 37, to...

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Chico/Oroville Fly Fishing Report

Capt Hogan Brown Reports on 11.23.2017

Spent a few days out on the water this last week with clients and fishing on my own…

Feather River - aka Butte county’s Capital City Fish Ditch - the Feather has had a great run of steelhead his year. Nothing huge in size but all good solid central valley size steelhead. 20-25" football size fish. The crowds of both guides and bank anglers have been there in...

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Lower Feather Fly Fishing Report


The Lower Feather has been fishing pretty well as of late. The Low flow section below the dam has a pretty solid number of salmon on redds. There have been a number of adult steelhead and half pounders caught up here. As always when fishing around redds be very careful and watch where you step. Swinging egg sucking leaches and nymphing will find you fish. 

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Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens at Nor Cal Fly Guides Reports on 8.23.2017


American River:
Flows - 3600cfs
Clarity - Clear
Fishing - Fair to Good
The shad are finally gone, YYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This means that its time for striper fishing again, and it has been getting better over the past few weeks. We are seeing the typically shakers, but a few bigger fish from 3-7lbs have been hooked as well, this will continue though...

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Redding Area and Sierra Foothills Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens reports on 4.27.17

Hello Everyone,

WOW, what a start to the 2017 fishing season. All we can say is water, water, and more water. Oh, and more water to come. Hopefully the rainy season is behind us, and only good fishing to come.

This year has been a bit challenging, especially on local water. The opener on the American was the worst in years, the Feather was brown due to the damage to...

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Lower Sac and Feather River Fly Fishing Report

Ryan Johnston reports on 1.5.17

Lower Sac- The Sac continues to fish average for winter conditions. Most days we are hooking 20ish rainbows from Redding down to Anderson. As typical we have been catching some true slugs out of the river this winter. Winter time we might not catch as many fish as the spring or the fall but if you are into hunting for big rainbows then it doesn’t really get any...

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Trinity, Yuba, Feather, American River Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens reports on 12.19.2016

Trinity River:

Clarity: Good to getting perfect

Lewiston - 300cfs steady
Bucktail - 500cfs and dropping
Douglas City - 775cfs and dropping
Junction City - 1600cfs and dropping

Wow, the past few weeks on the Trinity have been extremely good to Nor Cal Fly Guides clients. While others have been working hard to find fish, we have consistently hooked a half a dozen...

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