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Lower Feather River Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 4.5.18

Lower Feather River the last week was pretty decent for spring steelhead fish both on the swing and nymphing. The swing grab was best the first part of the day on bigger flies but the grabs were pretty short once the sun hit the water. Midday ounce the caddis started to come off switching to smaller soft hackle fly was best. The river is too high and unfishable throughout as of Wednesday as DWR makes room for what is said to be a big push of water coming from the next storm. Hopefully, the high flows will pull up more fish and the river will drop soon.


Migratory Striper Fishing has been decent, haven’t found any giant schools but good small pods of fish spread out and with the high water some more fish should show up. March April are prime migratory striper time.

Capt. Hogan Brown530-514-2453

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