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Fishing Report

Lower Sac and Feather River Fly Fishing Report

Ryan Johnston Reports 11.24.16


The Lower Sac is fishing average for this time of year. With the slower start to the Trinity the Sac is still seeing lots of pressure for this time of year. The upper parts of the river are putting out some big fish still but the numbers of chances are down and strikes are super fast. Most days right now on the upper river we are hooking about 25 fish per day. You can...

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Sac, Feather, and Yuba Report

Hogan Brown Reports on 11.17.2016

Open Dates:
Dec: 17, 21-23, 29-31
Jan: 2, 5-7, 14, 28
Feb: 20

Lower Sac Stripers:Fishing has slowed dramatically but the river is fishable and the big fish are the ones that are eating…I mean really big. This is when you may fish all day for one grab but it will be a true trophy. I fished last week when the weather was warmer and caught plenty of 3-8lb fish and had one...

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NorCal Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens Report on 11.10.2016


I have spent a good amount of time on the Feather lately and with the salmon in full spawn mode the egg bite is in full swing. Right now its all about getting on as early as possibly and fishing hard for the first 4hrs as this seems to be the best egg bite opportunity with this nicer (sunnier) weather. This is mostly due to the salmon falling back into the... Continue reading

Yuba, Feather, and Sac Report

Hogan Brown Reports on 10.20.2016

Open Guide Dates:
Nov 25, 26,
Dec 17, 21-23, 27-31
Jan 5-7, 14, 16, 21, 28

Lower Sacramento Striper fishinghas been good if you can really pick your day and time. With the weather swings of the last week, I wouldn’t say I would take anyone’s money to go out as the weather changes really affect the fishing but if you can pick your day and hit right fishing can be...

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Lower Yuba and Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens Reports on 10.6.2106

Feather River

  • Rating: Good to Great
  • Flow: 800cfs in Low Flow
  • Temp: mid 50’s
  • Clarity: Clear

The Feather has really turned on in the past week, and that’s mainly due to the large push of salmon over the past few weeks. With many redds being built, and even a few salmon paired up and more salmon showing up, its only going to get better. We are seeing some quality...

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Norcal Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemen’s Reports on 9/5/2016

Yuba River 

  • Rating: Good to good++
  • Flows: 800cfs
  • Temp: high 50’s lower 60’s
  • Clarity: Clear

Report: This is where I have spent a few trips on as of recent. Prior to me leaving for Alaska, the Yuba was on fire, and its still fishing pretty good. While the dry fly fishing has become a bit more inconstant, it will still produce a few fish a day, the nymphing game has been...

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North/Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

Brian Celmens Reports on 6/2/2016

Wow, where has this year gone, April was EPIC, May was here and gone with some more great fishing, now we are in June and the fishing is really good too. I know I say this a lot, but you should really be out on the water and enjoying some great fishing.

Here is your Local June Fishing Report:

Feather River

Man when things started to look dim, the Feather comes back...

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Lower Sac & Feather Fly Fishing Report

Ryan Johnston Reports on 5.11.2016

Lower Sac Shad

The shad fishing around Chico has been really good this week. The fish have just started showing up so expect things to get thick and heavy here the next two or three weeks. Go find your favorite shad bar near Chico and you should be able to find some willing fish. Best shad times around Chico is from 4PM to 8PM. Once the light starts getting really...

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Lower Sac, Yuba and Feather Fly Fishing report

Hogan Brown Reports on 4.13.2016

So, the weather is all over the place…imagine that it is spring in Nor-Cal. Brings me back to days when we actually had a spring. 80 degrees and gorgeous to 55 cold and rainy in the span of 48 hours. Makes for interesting fishing this really optimistic attitude for May through September to be honest. Last year about this time weather was gorgeous, and had been for a...

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Feather River & American River Fly Fishing Report

Brian Clemens Reports on 12.3.2015

Hello Everyone,
First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully not to much turkey, but a lot of pie, I know I had way to much of everything.

Now lets talk about some great fishing we are having right now in Nor Cal. With rain coming down right now, as well as in the past month, and what is coming in the near future, December and January are...

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