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Lower Feather Fly Fishing Report

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Marin Unversaw reports on Jan 6, 2018:

The Feather’s water is clear with a little green tinge. For us it was overcast with some light rain. Conditions are good. Water level worked for crossing selected pieces of water.
Salmon are mostly done, with many fragrant memorials to those brave Salmon who swam under the Golden Gate Bridge, and all the way up to Oroville to party.

For me it was 101, to 37, to Int 80, to Ca 99, to Ca 70. They swam it.  
A couple of 16" to 18”  “Steelhead" were seen being hauled off by some spinning gear locals. Of three flyfishers I spoke to, only one had a genuine hit. They were both swingers and bobber people.

Fishing last light Friday, with light rain till dark, was a blank as it was for the three other guys on my island. Fishing first light Saturday 1/6, meeting in the dark, again light mist, one fish hit a sz 14 pale yellow alvin at about 8:30 A. He flipped me off.

Using a 12’9” 6wt spey with a Scagit and a ½ and ½ MOW tip. Seemed right for the water.

If you are going, pay close attention to the CFS as it may vary as they figure out how much the rain will affect them.
My best,

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