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Fishing Report

Hat Creek, Pit River Report


Hot, Hot, Hot! With temps in the high 90′s to 100′s fish will be relaxing in the middle of the day… as should you! It’s all about the morning and evening. If you are a die hard to fish in the middle of the day find white water, shade and deep pools. 

You should be fishing caddis, Pmds, small soft hackles, ants, grasshoppers, and LBS (little black shit)

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Fall River, Hat Creek, and Pit River Fly Fishing Report

LCO Reports on 7/6/17


Fall River 

Fall River is fishing well as it’s usual self. Mid morning dries, afternoon leaching, and evening hex hatch. For dries; Pmds and calibaetis tend to be the most abundant. When fishing dries I like to use a 15ft 5x leader and add 3ft of 6x fluorocarbon. this has been the best combo I have found for sticking nice fish on dries. 

Nymphing rig a small bobber the take is...

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5 Rivers Fishing Report

5 Rivers Challenge – as good of a Nor Cal report as you will get.

Photo by Mikey Wier

Last year when Cal Trout & Clearwater Lodge resurrected the 5 Rivers Challenge I really wanted to participate. Not for competitive aspect, but it just sounded like a great way to spend a few days. This year after attending I can confirm it is a blast. First, Clearwater Lodge is one of my favorite places to stay and...

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Pit River Fishing Report

The Pit 3 flows have dropped below 350. perfect time to get out there. I will be out on the pit for the first time this year next week. I am really looking forward to it. 

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report


Pit Three is at about 480 CFS which is definitely fishable. If you are looking to get some water to yourself Pit 3 would be a really good option. While flows are a bit high, anglers are having success. 

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 4.27.17

The Pit is ripping along at 3840cfs. Unfortunately that’s too high to wade safely of angle properly. Hard to say what the future looks like, though I would guess it’s going to stay high in the near term. As always though, keep your eyes on the graphs, “the man” can drop or raise flows anytime. For example, the Lower Sac is scheduled to drop below 10K cfs...

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The most fun fly fishing event in California returns to the...

The most fun fly fishing event in California returns to the renowned wild trout waters of Northern California: The Pit River, Fall River, McCloud River, Upper Sacramento River and Hat Creek. Sponsored by California Trout, Clearwater Lodge, and Patagonia.

Test your angling skills while fishing some of the most remarkable wild trout waters in California, all while benefiting CalTrout and local conservation projects.

Hat Creek • Fall River • Pit River • McCloud River • Upper Sacramento River

The Contest:
You and your teammate will fish each wild trout designated section of river over three days.  Go for most fish. The biggest fish. The grand total in inches of fish from all rivers. Or, the total from a single river. Whatever your strategy, it’s a unique challenge and there are great prizes to be awarded in each category.

The grand prize winner will be…
The team that catches the greatest total inches of trout from all five rivers. Their names will be engraved on the beautiful Five Rivers Trophy, permanently displayed at Clearwater Lodge. All teams will receive great tackle items and other prizes.

The rules are simple:

Two person teams, fishing together with a guide. (8 team limit)
Fly fishing only, catch and release, barbless hooks.
Guides measure fish and keep score.
One half-day on each river.
The sixth half-day can be used on any of the 5 rivers.
For a complete list of Rules & Regulations click here.
To meet the guides, click here.
When: Arrive Tuesday evening, June 20 through Saturday morning, June 24, 2017

Where: Clearwater Lodge on the Pit River, Fall River Mills, CA

Cost: $5,000 per team

$500 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration. First payment of $2,000 due February 15, balance of $2,500 due June 1, 2017.
Includes four nights meals and accommodations at Clearwater Lodge, three days of guides, lunches, contest tee shirt, and gift bag. $3,000 of fee is a tax-deductible contribution to California Trout. No refunds after February 1, 2017 unless registered participants find substitute team.

Entries are limited to eight teams.

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Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal reports 9.29.2016 

Autumnal Equinox has arrived and thus marks a special time of year to be excited about fly fishing in Northern California. There’s fall color popping at the higher elevations and salmon & steelhead entering our longer river systems at the lower elevations.

Evenings are noticeably cooling off and the mornings at sunrise are now chilly enough to warrant that cotton hoody...

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Nor Cal Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal reports on 9/8/16 

I just had  Oct 3,4,5 open up! Prime dates!

Fall fishing season is just around the corner. The days are noticeably shorter now and the nights are getting cooler. In the early morning hours around daybreak there’s been a “changing of the seasons” feel in the air this week. Some of the best fishing in Nor-Cal happens during the fall season… get ready to get after it! 


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