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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 5.24.18

Pit River

The Pit River was en fuego the last few weeks despite the flows being
a little higher and water a little more off color. If you explored a bit and know this
river system you would have no problem finding the fishy spots and finding the
grabby trout. 

For flies it’s hard to go wrong with the “usual suspects”… Bird’s Nest, Gordon
Prince, Fox’s Poopah, Silveys caddis, Dark Lord, Pheasant Tails, #16-#12. For
dry flies the evenings are best… fish a short-line dry fly technique w/ Cutter’s EC Caddis, or little yellow Sally patterns… bring your dry shake powder and cover water and hold tight! 

This is by far and away one of my favorite walk & camp; wade rivers anywhere, especially the months of May –July. If you are not familiar with this river consider hiring a guide to help you with the ins and outs. We can show you in a good day or two a few years worth of knowledge on how to fish this river. I guide this river every chance I get and also work at Clearwater Lodge nearby. The guide staff at CWL spend a lot time fishing and exploring the entire Pit drainage and I would consider them experts on this fishery.

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