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Rebecca and I headed up to Clearwater Lodge to fish Fall River...

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Rebecca and I headed up to Clearwater Lodge to fish Fall River & Hat Creek. We fished late on Sunday evening on the powerhouse 2 riffle. A storm was blowing through leaving sporadic raindrops and cracks of thunder. The 1 billion mosquitoes out were a sign of a good hatch to come. I was thankful for the Simms Bugstopper Shirt and Ben’s 100that I had brought in anticipation of this particular problem. As most hatches go, it didn’t happen until there was just barely any light to see. You pray you don’t lose your fly because tying on a second one at this stage in the game is most likely futile. Yellow Sally’s came off in full force first night. Around every bend, we found fantastic fishing, beautiful views, and excellent weather. The next day Val Atkinson and I found one particular pod of fish that was chowing spinners. After a dozen or more fish we decided to move on to our other favorite hobby of walking around talking about what the land might have looked like back when the Native Americans occupied the river banks. That night we headed back to the powerhouse 2 riffle only to find the temperature had dropped, the mosquitoes were gone and so was the hatch.  The Pit was high but fishing quite well. 

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