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NorCal Fly Fishing Report

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Brian Clemens Report on 11.10.2016


I have spent a good amount of time on the Feather lately and with the salmon in full spawn mode the egg bite is in full swing. Right now its all about getting on as early as possibly and fishing hard for the first 4hrs as this seems to be the best egg bite opportunity with this nicer (sunnier) weather. This is mostly due to the salmon falling back into the buckets once the sun comes out, and pushing the steelhead out. You can still stick some chrome after that, but you will have to work a tad harder for them. If you get the opportunity to fish with an overcast day, be ready for some epic fishing. The salmon decide to spawn all day, never dropping back into the buckets, and the steelhead go egg crazy. The feather should continue to fish well for at least the next month or even two. So if you are looking to get out, now’s the time. I still have a few dates left towards the end of this month and beginning of December if you are looking to book
Flies: Egg patterns, caddis, worms, princes and mays
Swinging: sculpins and flesh flies
Guide tip: best time to fish is dawn to about 10am, then about 4pm till dark. Fish it hard and pick apart the run, you’d be surprised where these chrome domes sit.


As always Im spending a ton of time of here this year, and we are seeing some really big fish. This year is a bit different, but the norm for the Trinity. What I mean is we have been a bit spoiled the last few years with the shear numbers of fish in the system, which lead to lots of fish hooked and landed on any given day. This year, the Trinity is back to how it usually fishes, like a true steelhead fishery. Its not a numbers game, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in pure quality. We are seeing some bruisers in the system (early winter fish), most of them being wild, and some pushing 15lbs. Again its not a numbers game, so bring you steelhead A game, and make every cast/hook set/fish count. If you want the opportunity at a fish of a life time, 30+“ steelhead, from now till January will be the time to be up here. If you are looking to swing up a chrome dome, think now till mid Dec, of course its all about water temps. I still have some prime dates if you are looking to book and learn how to fish the Trinity.
Flies: Stones, caddis, mays, psycho princes, copper johns
Swinging: Ho Bo Speys, Morgan’s tiny dancer, Rick’s Euphoria fall classic, Hartwick’s October hilton, anything black/blue, flesh flies
Guide tip: Cover a lot of water, the fish are throughout the system, so fish a run hard, but don’t spend to much time in one hole. Swinging is best later in the day, and same thing, fish it hard, but not slow.


Surprisingly, this place has been fishing really well, and not a ton of crowds. The salmon are spawning, but on the decline. I would expect the egg bite to last a few more weeks, end of Nov, and then back to the OG bugs. There has been some great caddis and mayfly hatches mid day, so don’t forget your dry fly rod, yes I said dry fly rod, there has been some noses. Flows are great, fishing is great, this is your local hot spot right now. If you like swinging, you can definitely make that happen right now as well. Swinging behind the redds is a great place to start as well as the deeper runs below them as well. I still have a few dates after Thanksgiving if you are looking to get out and book a trip.
Flies: eggs, legs, caddis, mays, worms
Swinging: tan soft hackles, olive sculpins/woolly buggers, flesh flies
Guides tip: Above the bridge is closed, most of the spawning areas get hammered by bank anglers, so think outside the box. Fish the less fished water and you will find some quality and quantity.

Lower Sac:

The Lower Sac is fishing like the Lower Sac always does. There are definitely a few more boats on the Lower Sac than normal due to how the Trinity is fishing. This doesn’t mean you cant get out there and stick some fish, but it will be a bit more crowded. If you know how the Lower Sac fishes, then no need to get further into it. Egg bite is on, fish are keying in on many different flies, and this is big fish time too. It will continue to fish good through the new year. Get out now while the weather and fishing is good to great. Still have some prime dates to fish this great fishery.
Flies: Eggs, legs, caddis and mays
Streamers: flesh flies
Guides tip: Flows are wadeable now if you know where to go, but still be careful as the current is still pushing pretty hard. Wading staff recommended.


Was fishing pretty darn good prior to the closure, and is looking very good for the opener. Remember Ancil Power Lines to Hazel is closed till Jan 1st. This doesn’t mean you cant get out there and find some fish in the lower river, but it will be a bit crowded with the salmon guys. But it never hurts to hit your favorite lower river steelhead run and see what you can find if you have a few hours. I would look at fishing this after the open. I have prime dates open after Jan 1 to book on the American, dont wait to book to experience some of the biggest fish you will hook in the Sac Valley.

Available Local Dates
Nov 25,26,27 (last two are available on Lower Sac and Trinity too)
Dec 1,2,3,5,16,17,18
Jan 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,28,29,30,31

Available Trinity Dates
Nov 21,22,26,27
Dec 9,10,11,12,13,14
Jan 17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24

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