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Fishing Report

Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

Central Valley Fly Fishing Report
Hogan Brown Reports On 6.8.20
Happy June! Hopefully most graduations are out of the way and school is out
for the kiddos AND people are planning or getting outdoors. Aside from a few days of apocalyptical heat here it has been a mild and down right gorgeous summer so far. Last few days haven't even turned on the A/C. Even with the heat spells we have had the night time lows have been in the high 50s to Low 60s so even if the day time high is 105 it is only hot for an hour or so. 

Summer fishing is here by all means and there is so much to do right now it can be hard to decide. Personally, I spend nearly all my summer chasing river stripers around Nor Cal and fishing for these brutes is really starting to get going. As Shad runs move up river and spawn, rivers warm, and weather stabilizes these fish get on a very predictable pattern and fishing gets good. Not to say we don't have tough or slow days but June - October is prime time for these fish. 

June 12, , 25, 26, 27, 29
July 1, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 20, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31
Aug 5, 22, 

Valley Striper fishing has been getting better every week it seems and as long as the wind is not blowing 20-30mph like it has been a few days last week and this weekend fishing is good. Fish are spread out in all the water sheds and all our rivers offer a HUGE variety of styles of fishing so it is hard to decide where to go and how to fish for them this time of year. We have started to see some larger fish but most fish are still in the 6-15lb range that we are seeing come to the fly but it is only a matter of time before the big ones get shallow and start eating regularly. 

Lower Yuba River Trout Fishing is fair with the summer flow "drop" settling the river at 1300-1400cfs. This is a great flow and keeps the fish happy I think as there is enough deep slots and holes to move in and out of feeding lanes and not get to spooky. I have not been on the river in the last few weeks but June is traditionally a great month for fishing on the Yuba until the scorching heat of July and August show up. 

Valley Reservoir Bass and Carp fishing has been good as bass are well into their post spawn mood and holding in catchable depths with streamers, float n fly, and even some top water fishing has been working. Carp are up in the shallows in a lot of spots on the reservoirs and for the stealthy angler there can be some good shots at fish. 

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Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal Reports On 6.8.20

The time is right, right now… you outta be fishing or planning a fishing trip
in the immediate future!

Everything is firing in Northern California. Flows on all the rivers and smaller
streams are either in or near prime-time range. The weather is classic CA
right now - it has the potential to be warm/hot (wet wade) or it may also
rain (thundershowers). We can experience temps from 95 in the valley to
70’s in the Shasta region or Intermountain region. Be prepared for anything
and adjust your clothing as needed.

I’ve been fishing all over these past two weeks from the Lower Sac to Fall
River to the Pit River and Upper Sac. Variety is the spice, baby.
You might experience the summer pattern developing where best fishing is
early and late in the day. The days are LONG right now with first light
before 6am and dark after 9pm… we cannot expect the fish to chow all day
long and they don’t. Fish when the bugs are active and when the bugs
ain’t… just chill out, read a book, explore or take a nap when the river is
quiet. Evenings are always a good bet and there is no fly better than the dry

When it comes to fly patterns this time of year stick with the usual
suspects: PMD’s, golden stones, salmonflies, and especially the little yellow
stones which are everywhere, tan caddis and basic midges. Typically, we
will see these hatches begin first during springtime on the Lower Sac and
then work their way upriver into the Upper Sac, McCloud, Pit, etc, as we
move into early summer.

Everyone has their favorite fly patterns but my go-to box right now consists
of: nine different variations of the Pheasant Tail nymph #12-16 from soft
hackle versions to BH and non-BH and flash to no flash, etc. Yvon Chounaird
is right…LOL. You can fish this fly exclusively forever. Other than that it’s
Hogan’s S&M or Lance’s XMay, copper CJ’s, RL in brown, yellow and blk,

Fox’s Poopah!, Bird’s nests, Mercer’s Poxyback PMD… I like all these
patterns in Tungsten bead versions, and some flashy too.
For dry flies it’s a Parachute Adams #12 all day long!! Mercer’s Missing Link
in every color and size, some parachute yellow Sally stones (with the red
butt) and yellow and orange Kauffman’s Stimulator, big foam Salmonfly
patterns just in case and some big drake patterns on the rainy days.
Don’t forget your Dry Shake powder, wading staff, cleats in your boots,
stash away Gore-Tex, water filter, and Buff.

I have a few days open to book during end of June and early July. In the
sage advice of the late, Bill Lowe… “Stop messin’ get a lesson” If you want
get a tune-up and a clinic on effective techniques and strategies in order to
confidently hook trout in our Nor Cal waters and beyond.
View my availability calendar online at

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Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Northern California Fly Fishing Report
Dave Neal Reports on 5.28.20
Drop everything and go fishing right now. Throw a dart at the map of NorCal and hit the closest blue line. Everything is fishing well!!
I’ve been mostly fishing the Lower Sac - hard to get away from this river right now. Flows are at 9k and the PMD’s, little yellow stones and caddis hatches are driving the late morning - afternoon fishing. The evenings are also turning on.... the pm sessions should only continue to get better as we enter summer time. Dry fly fishing during caddis events can change the way you look at this river. 
Also of note, the Upper Sac, Pit and McCloud River are all fishing well and flows are perfect post runoff. Goldens, salmonfly and the usual suspects of mayflies, midges, small caddis are on the menu. Epic dry fly fishing in the evenings can happen this time year. Get on it soon!!
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Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Northern California Fly Fishing Report
Aaron Grabiel Reports on 5.28.20

Lower Sacramento River

One word: Troutopia. We have been lucky enough to get them on streamers, dry flies, nymphs and swung soft hackels. If you're lucky enough to be here on a rainy day the fishing will likely be phenomenal. Get out and fish this place. June traditionally is an extremely good month to be on the river. Come social distance with us. Size 8-10 Pat's Rubber Legs Brown and Black, Size 12-16 tan poopahs, peaches and cream, size 16-18 black micro Caddis, various May fly patterns. On top the Mercer’s missing link in black size 16 has been great.

The Small Water

It’s small stream time. I have to say that I’ve had better fishing so far this spring than the last few years.  It’s been a blast poking around the off the beaten path places getting bit by great fish. There should be a couple more weeks of the no hold bar bite, so get out there and explore. This time of year a large stimulators or other stone fly dry with a dropper 24-48” below is the ticket to cover water quickly and get big bites. Contact us for a guided trip to learn the tricks and tactics of small free stones.

Shasta Lake

Shasta is at the tail end of the consistent big bass bit. It will fish well the rest of summer but bigger fish will get harder to find on the fly.  Some of the river mouths are stacked with trout so it a great time to hit the lake and get a mixed bag.  Shasta is kicking out some 30” browns right now for the guys that are in to working for one big bite.

Pit River

This pocket water dream is fishing as good as it gets, so if you like to wade and bleed let’s go.  This place is so worth the effort and we would love to bleed with you.  Black flies, rubber legs, copper johns, caddis.... it all works and after a day of slipping and sliding around the Pit we recommend Beer and Ibuprofen
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Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report

Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report
Ryan Johnston Reports on 5.28.20
Fishing on the lower stretches of the Lower Sac has been really good as of late. The lower river is a place that not many people have experienced. Fishing the river below Cottonwood in May and June can make for some awesome fishing. It is a great time to bring out family members as the fish are plentiful and the drift is amazing. The Lower Sac "canyon" is by far the prettiest drift on the river. You take sure beauty, minimal boat traffic, and lots of healthy rainbows and you get lots of happy family members. Don't miss out on the next few weeks as prime time will be over before you know it.
June 3-4, 8, 10, 13, 16
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Northern California Trout Fly Fishing Report

Northern California Trout Fly Fishing Report

Anthony Carruesco Reports on 5.28.2020

We've had some outstanding fishing happening in the North State over the past few weeks. The variety in the venues and the fishing has been excellent. Early Summer conditions are great right now and the table is set for a great Summer on all of our favorite Northern CA rivers. More images on the river here!

Lower Sac - The Big tailwater is pumping out quality fishing experiences right now (SHOCKER). This is always a great venue for both beginners and experienced anglers. We've had some great opportunities to fish shallow water with the recent cloudy weather with dry flies and short dry/dropper setups. The depth charge nymph fishing has been good as well.. We are now getting into Caddis season.. afternoon/evening fishing can be superb during these hatches. The hotter the temperatures are, the stronger the hatches can be. Summer fishing on the Sac is one of the more underrated times of year for us here.

Fall River - The big Spring Creek has been fishing great for the past couple of weeks as well. We had a guest recently say after 20 years of fishing it that he had "THE DAY" with Jay Cockrum out there last week. We will expect this river to continue to fish well through the Summer months. The Hex hatch gets going here in a few weeks and can be provide a very fun and fast paced dry fly experience at last light. This is an event that every angler should experience.

McCloud River - Great start to the season on the McCloud. The dry fly fishing here has been a lot of fun over the past few weeks. This is the time of year when the bigger bugs start flying. Golden Stones and Salmonflies can create some really fun surface and dry/dropper fishing. Tight lining is another great way to fish subsurface here. Expect June to be a great month on the McCloud.

Upper Sac - The Upper Sac has been awesome this Spring as well. As we get into the warmer summer months expect your best fishing to be early and late in the day. Chase shade. Flows are currently on the high side but still very fishable. Goldens are starting to move around here as well and can make for some cool dry dropper approaches to all of that fast, pockety, oxygenated water.

Pit River - The Pit has been FUEGO over the past couple of months. The river is primarily going to be a nymph fishery but it is jam packed with plump, wild rainbows and we've been having awesome days with our guests here this Spring. Expect this freestone gem to keep pumping out the good times.

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Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Hogan Brown Reports on 5.28.20

Lately, I have been spending the last few weeks back to guiding on the Lower Yuba River rowing the drift boat. In the next few weeks I will be transitioning to my normal summer/fall routine of striper fishing through October. I have plenty of openings still for some late spring early summer Yuba Trout trips and Summer Striper trips. I will post those dates below as well as my “COVID Era” adjustments to my guiding that I am practicing for everyones safety.


May 29

June 6, 8-10, 12, 17, 22-27, 29, 30

July 1, 6, 9, 10, 13-17, 20-25, 29-31

August 5, 22

Valley Striper Fishing – Fishing has been getting going on a few of the valley rivers as others have seen some BIG flows jumps and mud with the recent rains. Also anytime it rains and the temps drop like it did water temps drop as well slowing the bite.

The Feather is starting to enter into its summer fishing program with some stripers, Bass, and Shad. The feather is a really cool fishery and one that not many people fish…it is VERY challenging to navigate in the jet boat and fishing can be pretty technical but rewarding.

The Lower Sac blew out with the recent storms and is just coming back into shape. Clarity and flows are fishable but the water temps dropped slowing the bite down a bit. There are also good numbers of shad around and that can affect the bite but also pull our resident fish back up river so things are shapping up for a GREAT summer out here.

Early June on lower water summers can be AMAZING fishing on the Sac and Feather and I am definitely looking forward to getting out there more!

Lower Yuba River – Fishing has been good to great. The last storms added some color and flow to the river and we had some pretty silly fishing with the off color water. Even before and after with flows around 1300cfs and the water bordering on gin clear fish were feeding and active. Hatches have been mixed and inconsistent with the wind and weather of a normal spring. The last few days the most prolific hatches have been flights of little yellow sallies in the mid morning but I am sure with the heat forecasted hatches are going to be pushed to the morning and evening. I did see my first few golden stoneflies flying around and there was plenty of dark caddis when the weather cooperated as well as a few late PMD’s but the fish were not up any of the days I was on the water…we managed a few fish blind casting caddis dries but there was no consistent risers that I could find. I am sure the bite will tighten up with the heat but consistant weather should get some hatches going even if they are early and late. Ounce the weather goes back to mid 80s next week I am sure fishing will be good again. The average size of fish on the Yuba has been very good as well. We are seeing numerous FAT 16-18” fish each day and then plenty of hard fighting 12-14” fish.

Most of our fish are coming on nymphs under the indicators but in spots we are blind casting caddis dries and pulling some smaller fish up. Rubber legs, Red Copper Johns, birds nests, Amber Wing Dictators, and Yuba Pupas have been getting the most fish. Fish seem to be caddis and atttractors that fit the “little Yellow Sallie” profile. Riffles have fished better then flats and that goes with what the fish seem to be favoring as there are not mayflies coming off in any number to pull them to the flats and mayfly nymphs are hard to get a grab on.

June can be a great month on the river and I usually spend a few days out there as long as it doesn’t get too hot so I am looking forward to throwing some big golden stone dries and nymphs myself.


- I ask that anyone who books a trip be healthy and have not been exposed to anyone that is sick or has been heavily exposed. 
- Clients can cancel at any time without penalty if they are not feeling well, feel they have been exposed, or are not comfortable with coming or traveling. 
- I will not be providing lunch, I will ask that clients provide their own lunches. 
- Water will be provided in disposable water bottles. While this pains me, I think it is the safest thing and is the recommended thing to do. 
- I will sterilize all gear and my boat everyday based on recommendations.
- Hand sanitizer will be provided in the the boat for clients to use. 
- Face covers in the form of "Buffs" is recommended but not required, and if it makes clients more comfortable I am OK wearing my own N95 mask.
- Clients will be met at boat ramps and not transported in my vehicle (short rides from meeting spots will be an exception on drift trips) from hotel/motel with drift boat trips shuttles are TBD.
- I will be offering half day, full day, and evening trips with flexible meeting times to allow for same day travel. 
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