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Fishing Report

Klamath River Fly Fishing Report

Anthony Carruesco, AC Fly Fishing

They might not be biggest steelhead in the world, but there are a lot of them in the Klamath River system this year – and I’ve yet to see a fin clipped hatcher fish. There were a lot of cookie cutter steelhead put in the net the past few days. If you don’t have your winter steelhead dates reserved yet, get on it. This December and January should be very good up...

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Klamath River Fly Fishing Report - John Rickard Reports :Fall is...

Klamath River Fly Fishing Report -

John Rickard Reports :Fall is here.  Cool nights and much needed rain have receded forest fires along the Klamath River.  The smoke is finally gone and fish are being caught throughout the river.  Salmon, steelhead and half pounders are finding the net’s of our guides.  Swinging flies with floating lines has been very productive. We love the traditional flies but those super pounders seem to chase anything that moves. Flows are a bit higher than normal coming out of Iron Gate dam and a second flow increase is predicted. Its a great time to go fishing in the State of Jefferson.

October 3 Iron Canyon Dam began to release a good shot of water making the fish super happy!

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Klamath River/Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

Randy Hammon of Confluence Outfitters Reports:


For those of you out there wondering whether there are going to be any Steelhead on the Trinity because of the ongoing drought and associated low water, I’m here to put those fears to rest, there have been plenty of Steelhead pushing through the Lower Klamath and a good deal of them are headed to the Trinity. Those fish are going to run up river...

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