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Fishing Report

Northern California Fly Fishing Report

Northern California Fly Fishing Report

AC Fly Fishing Reports on 9.20.20

Lower Sacramento River 

The Lower Sac - As many of you know, Fall is one of our favorite times of year to fish the Lower Sacramento River. We've had a very productive season on the "trout factory" and we are looking forward to a great upcoming Fall season.   

October and November is one of the most desirable seasons to be on the river.

The Egg bite is coming..

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the "Egg Bite" - It is an event that we experience almost every year in October and November on the Valley Rivers of Northern California. This event is most famous on the Redding to Red Bluff stretches of the Lower Sacramento River. As anglers and guides - we hit the river each day and seek out these specific sections that the Salmon are spawning in. We are targeting the Rainbow trout (and Steelhead) that are tucked in behind the salmon, ferociously devouring Salmon eggs as they get kicked loose from the gravel beds. We are fishing both egg imitations and bugs. As the Salmon "dig" their nests in the gravel beds - they kick out a lot of bugs and eggs from the river bottom, creating a feeding frenzy. Actively spawning Salmon are known to get the attention of some of the biggest trout in the river.

Fall Fishing Outlook:
CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is projecting a big return of Fall Run Chinook Salmon this year..  nearly 500,000 adult spawning fish are projected to make it back to the system this year. This is great news for our Fall trout season. As many of you know, an abundance of Spawning Salmon can contribute to some excellent Fall fishing and obese rainbow trout.. The famous "egg bite" usually begins in late September and runs through November. As Fall is one of our more popular seasons - you might want to consider setting up your Fall fishing dates soon before our guide availability gets thin.  


Fall River:

The Fall River has been excellent this Summer and has handed many of our guests memorable days on this big Spring Creek. Do not expect the fishing to slow down until the season closes in November. 

For those looking for a smaller venue and walk and wade option this Fall, The McCloud River, Pit River and Upper Sacramento River offer a great change of pace. All 3 of these rivers are great options during our Fall season. Inquire for more details. 

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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

California Delta Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Bryce Tedford Reports on 9.19.20

We are just seeing the first hints of Fall on the Delta & change is in the air! This is an interesting time on the Delta where it can be tough to decide what to do; Stripers, Largemouth & Smallmouth are all on the table right now.

That said, as the water cools the Largemouth & Smallmouth Topwater will begin to taper off & the Stripers will ramp up into Fall. October through December is prime Striper time & I am excited to finish out the year strong. I still have some prime Striper dates available Oct.-Dec but dates won’t last long so book your adventure soon!

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California Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

California Central Valley Fly Fishing Report
Garret Smith Reports on 9.18.20
The smoke has finally cleared a bit in the Sacramento area, and that means more time on the water! I have mostly turned my attention to steelhead after a mediocre striper season. The feather river will be my main venue this fall. We’ve already been having some great days over there, and that will only get better as fall goes on. Most fish are coming on indicator rigs with nymphs and egg patterns, although there are plenty of opportunities to get out of the boat swing on the Feather if that is more your style. The feather is a great place to go if you’re looking for a good day trip somewhat close to the Bay Area. 
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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

California Delta Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Steve Santucci Reports on 9.19.20

Delta  Striper fishing is just getting underway.  Water temps have been steady around the 70 degree mark a were starting to see  some low wind days. Fish   are scattered  thru out the whole system.  It's time to plan a few outings as we are about a week away from October.

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Local Surf Fly Fishing Report

Local Surf Fly Fishing Report

Ben Engle Reports 9.18.2020


Join Us for a Surf Clinic

Fishing has been picking up the last month in the bay.  From as far north as San Pablo bay to the south bay more and more people are hooking into striped bass, halibut, and in some cases closer to the gate even surf perch.  For most of you Crissy field is the best option as far as either honing your skills in an area with some fish around.  Whether you are just learning the cast or a skilled caster Crissy Field is a great option right in our backyard!

As far as tides go I tend to like the hour before and the hour after BOTH low and high tide.  Keep in mind that the wind in the mornings and the evenings is significantly less. Any time you have less wind out there casting is always a little more "Fun". For the next couple of days and into next week our mornings are looking pretty prime.  Low tide at first light tomorrow and similar times through the weekend should add up to some fish

What you'll need to be successful out there:

Rod: any 5-8 wt rod (Switch or Single Hand)

most of the fish we find off crissy tend to be in the "schoolie" size and come in between 16 and 24 inches.  While these fish pack a punch crissy can be a great option for either throwing your traditional 8wt or even lining down to a rod that makes the smaller fish a little more fun (like a 9' 6wt or even 9' 5 wt) Hit us up at the shop if you have any questions about converting one of your favorite trout rods into a potential surf stick!

Lines: Intermediate Sink (1-2 ips )or Type 3(3-4ips)

Either of these 2 lines will work but i prefer the type 3 for most days out at crissy.  The intermediate line allows you to play with the fly a little more through the retrieve with longer pauses through your retrieve due to the slower sink rate. Conversely you can throw a faster sink line out there (like a type 6 which is 6-7 ips) if you want to get deeper but make sure you are stripping quickly as you will definitely bump bottom on some areas of the beach. Learn more about fly lines for fishing the the surf. 

Leader: Wingspan (4-6feet) of 20-25lb fluorocarbon 

Flies: Adachi Clousers!!!

There are tons of flies on the market but as a fly tyer myself, I can say there are few I buy, but i buy Adachi Clousers.  As far as lifespan of a fly nothing compares to these three step epoxy coated beasts.  And they fish better than anything.  Grab a couple of both the size 2's and the 1/0's for the bay. Shop Flies


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Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

Jim Stimson Reports on 9.17.20

I feel I am about to write a new Cormac McCarthy style novel; something dark, hopeless, with endless amounts of despair. If COVID were not enough, we now have thick, heavy, acrid smoke coming over the Sierra from one of the many fires burning in the State. With the extreme fire conditions (heat, wind, drought, not enough fire fighting personnel), all National Forests and BLM land are closed, temporarily. The agencies will reevaluate on the 21st but for now, you cannot even set foot on USFS lands. There is the campground on the Upper Owens and a BLM campground near Crowley Lake that is still open but everywhere else is closed. No campfires, no campfires, no campfires! Each day is a nail biter with residents poised and ready to evacuate as the Creek Fire burns out of control just 15 miles from Mammoth Lakes. Mono and Inyo Counties are requiring the use of face masks. Please respect local businesses, each other, and be good stewards of the land. 

Finally, thank you firefighters! 

East Walker : Closed

West Walker : Closed

San Joaquin : Closed

Hot Creek : Closed

Upper Owens River

Well heh! Looky here! There is something that is actually open, flowing, and has trout. 

The flows sit at about 60 cfs high in the river system. Once Hot Creek dumps into the mid-section the flows are closer to 90 cfs. Most of the trophy trout have moved back into Crowley Lake but there are still some stragglers hanging around; nice browns and rainbows. You can get some top water action with elk haired caddis and tricos. I have had the best success nymphing with small pheasant tail or a soft hackled flies. 

Lower Owens River

The river is raging along at roughly 600 cfs. Beware of the high water levels, do not even think about wading across the river unless you enjoy swimming down the Owens Valley.

Get out there! You cannot catch fish if your line isn’t in the water. Stay safe!

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Local Surf, and Trinity Update

Local Surf, and Trinity Update
Well, here we are, folks. Summer is over, schools back in session, and that means two things. Fewer crowds on the beach and striper migration! 
I’ve been fortunate enough to escape with my family up to the Trinity Alps for the first part of summer, now out in Idaho with my in-laws for another month, and boy do I miss the surf! No complaints as the fishing in both locations have been phenomenal. I did get a chance to guide a bit while home for a few weeks and found some perch and bass willing to eat a fly. While gone I kept in touch with friends, checked reports, and it looks like I wasn’t missing too much until more recently. Monterey was cursed with red tide and a lot of junk for many weeks. Fish were caught, but they didn’t come easy for most. Lots of walking and searching for clean water. I’m now seeing more perch and stripers being landed with a couple “hot” bites the last few weeks.
There will be plenty of bass still in the Monterey system through September, but soon we begin to focus our striper catching efforts towards the SF bay. Perch on the other hand are still here to be caught and you never know when that big lingering striper will take a bite. 
Hope everyone is happy, healthy and staying safe during these crazy times. If you have any questions please reach out to me or anyone at the shop. We’ll see you on the beach! 
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Delta Fly Fishing Report

Delta Fly Fishing Report

Capt Bryce Tedford Reports on 9.4.2020

Topwater Largemouth & Smallmouth trips have been the name of game the last few months! Smallmouth season has been very consistent the last few weeks on the Delta. I have been finding many eager fish on Topwater poppers. Most of the fish are smaller but some larger fish are mixed in. It is such a pleasure to get newer anglers into the sport or watch seasoned anglers enjoy the Topwater action! Many guests have been bringing their kids & getting them into their first fish on a fly, what a treat for all in the boat! I will be focused on Smallmouth/Largemouth through August & the return my focus to Stripers come fall.

In addition to the Smallmouth I have made more of a focus on Largemouth & have been pleasantly surprised! I have been finding some eager Topwater fish & some larger fish on subsurface Streamers as well. Although Largemouth are more challenging than smallmouth they are very rewarding when you succeed & generally bigger as well! 

Largemouth 1/2 day trips offer Topwater fishing with heavy rods such as 8 or 9wt. We cast large poppers such as frog patterns to ideal holes in the weeds until a largemouth explodes on the fly! 

Smallmouth 1/2 day trips offer Topwater fishing with light rods such as 4 or 5wts. We cast small poppers towards rock banks & eagerly awaiting Smallmouth. This fishery is a great way to introduce beginners to the sport & fun for seasoned anglers who like Topwater poppers on light rods. 

I will likely do Largemouth & Smallmouth trips for 1-2 weeks more & then it’s time to turn the attention to Stripers! Stripers will start up mid-September & last until Christmas. Fall is a great time to get out & chase these amazing fish. I still have a fair amount of availability Oct.-Dec but dates won’t last long so book your adventure soon! 

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Truckee River Fishing Report

Truckee River Fishing Report

Matt "Gilligan" Koles Report on 9.2.2020

Summer hanging on.

Record heat for the weekend. Though it does feel like summer is running out of gas. Mornings are cool, afternoons are hot, but that’ll change soon.

Not much change since last week's report. We’ve been smoke-free for the last few days. Been very Smokey in Tahoe and the Truckee Meadows. Smoke is good for fishing, much like cloud cover. Mornings have been good on the nymphing front.

Trouts are still in the faster water. Maybe not so much early, but the majority of the day.

It’s just about that time. Fall is around the corner. Then I’ll get more serious on the streamers.

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McCloud River, Upper Sacramento, and Klamath River Report

McCloud River, Upper Sacramento, and Klamath River Report

Chuck Volckhausen Reports on 9.4.2020

Water clarity on the McCloud has improved and so has the fishing with it.  I would say quality more than quantity lately.  Hatches are few and far between still and I don’t expect to see many bugs on the Mccloud while the weather remains hot.  Come on cold weather, bring some rain and bring on the Caddis.

The Upper Sac is fishing well.  It’s warm in the lower reaches.  Please try to avoid fishing in the afternoon and evening anywhere below Sweetbriar.  The nights are cooling down up here and an early morning mission isn’t a bad idea right now.  The upper river near Mt. Shasta is cold and clear.  No problems fishing up here in the heat of the day.  Again, not so many bugs rights now.  Especially during the midday.  We could use some cold weather and some rain here too. 

Excited for Fall??  Me too!!!

Fall for us means “let’s go fishing”!  All the trout streams in our area are fantastic fall fisheries.  Both the McCloud and Upper Sac will have hatches happening on a consistent basis once the air temps and water temps cool a bit.  We’re almost there.  I’m looking forward to fishing more dry flies and seeing the big Caddis moving around.  The Fall brings in the “big ones” 🤷‍♂️... and with that said I’m ready for some anadromous fish on the end of the line.

Steelhead fishing on the Klamath is right around the corner for us.  I still haven’t heard any legit reports on what’s happening down at that shit show they call the mouth.  (If you have been this Summer I’d love to hear what you have to say about it)  But I haven’t reached out much yet either.  I’m crossing my fingers in hopes of a decent Salmon run this year.  I feel like it’s been a while.  In fact, it has been a while. I’m ready to get down there and check it out.  I love the Fall season on the Klamath.  It’s time for Spey rods with floating lines and silver lightning shorties jumping around recklessly.  September came quick this year and October to follow really soon.  Get ready. 

Good luck out there friends!!

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