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Fishing Report

Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report

Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report 

Submitted by Captain Hogan Brown 

To be guided by Captain Brown please call 530-514-2453

Capt. Brown has been guiding the Lower Sacramento between Colusa and Red Bluff for striped bass.  He reports that most fish are in the 5-10 pound range with a few smaller and a few trophies also in the mix.  Conditions have been low and clear in most places though there are areas where the visibility is a bit better and the water will pick up its normal foggy green.  He is dealing with low flows- about half the water as usual- conditions are more like September or late summer already.  Most fish have been coming on standard striper flies and heavy sinking lines but he is also fishing a fair amount of lighter lines as well.  He expects fishing to remain strong into the winter with the peak of the season August through October.  

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Lower Yuba Fishing Report

Lower Yuba Fishing Report

Submitted by guide Ben Thompson 

To be guided by Ben please call 916-743-8290 or

Ben has mostly been guiding on the Lower Yuba where he reports a few awesome days throwing hoppers with the occasional tough day mixed in.  He has been throwing dry-droppers with great success as the temperature starts to rise during the day.  His preferred nymphs right now are rubberlegs, San Juan worms, caddis pupas, and baetis.  

Flows are good but temps are getting very hot in the afternoon.  Fish early! 

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee Fishing Report 7/31/2021

Click on any fly described in this report to be directed to purchase them on our website. 

This report was submitted by Jeremy Wright a Truckee based guide.

To be guided by Jeremy please call Matt Heron Fly Fishing at 518-225-6587

If you’re on the water by 5:30/6 a.m. and off by 11 the Truckee is still fishing rather well.  After 11 the water temps really skyrocket with the sun so high in the sky.  The smoke from the Dixie and Tamarack fires helped keep the temps cooler in the day, but our incredible firefighters and some much needed rain the last few days have put the fires down so we’ve got blue skies again.  Fortunately it’s been a little cloudy as well so temps haven’t been nuclear and the nights have been in the mid 40’s, giving the water a chance to cool off.

The upper river from Tahoe City to River Ranch can be fun in the morning.  Walk the bike path, throw some #8-#12 orange/yellow Stimulators near the willows or tightline/dry-dropper the runs.  Fish are eating pretty good sized Stimis so don’t be shy. Hang a #18 Brassie, or a red Copper John about 18” under the Stimi and good things should happen.  If you can handle it, put the Copper John first and tie a Brassie/Zebra midge onto the Copper John.  Roll casts help!!

USFS Campgrounds from River Ranch to Truckee are productive. Same techniques as the upper river, just less access due to private property.  Don’t trespass, stay in the campgrounds.

Glenshire area has been pretty good lately.  The key is fishing fast water!! Pocket water is your friend, tight-lining and dry-dropper are the way to go.  Don’t need to be super deep, the fish are in the fastwater, at the very beginning of the runs, right behind or in front of larger rocks and anywhere 2 runs/bubble lines converge.  Get out of the pools and walk upstream.  Midge hatch when the sun hits, then PMD’s and small white Caddis, #18-#22’s should get the job done.

The Canyon from Hirschdale down to stateline is great right now. 500 CFS.  Access to Hirschdale is basically non-existent right now (ask Sam at the shop) so go farther down the canyon and explore the other exits/pullovers.  Crawdads are molting, Summer Stones are everywhere.  Go big with one of your nymphs and don’t be afraid to try a Chernobyl Chubby dry. They’ll eat them.  And as always add more weight when nymphing!!

Please carry a thermometer, I clip mine on my wading boot and get off the water when it’s 66 degrees.  It’s 8 a.m. I just got off the river and the water temp was 60ish when I left.  Get out there early, stick a few, go home and take a nap. 

Sam from the shop here.  
You can also go to our Lost Coast Outfitters River Specific Fly packs, link here, and select the Truckee river.  The box will reflect Jeremey's suggestions! 
We recommend the Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer- right now we have them in stock in blue.  

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Hat Creek Fly Fishing Report

Hat Creek Fly Fishing Report

George Revel Report on 6.24.2021

Fishing was excellent mid morning from 8-11am or with some Trico and PMD spinner falls. In the evening the Pmd's and Sallys were coming off with regularity. We predominantly fished dries during these prime times. In the middle of the day nymphing and leeching was the ticket as fish moved to their deeper mid day hiding holes. 

Like clockwork, the fish start sipping trico spinners at 8am. The tricos lay trapped in the surface film of the water. Trapped after laying their eggs the night before the spent spinners float downstream and collect in the seams and swirls. 

The rainbows jockey into position to sip these tiny bugs with gentlest of ease. The gentle sip is the tell-tale sign that fish are eating spinners. With no concern of the dead bug flying away the fish can afford to such laziness in eating their breakfast. For this reason, even the slightest drag on your fly will not be tolerated by your quarry. Pair that with crystal clear water slowly meandering and you have the recipe for a chess game that can ensue for the coming hours. Stealth and presentation become paramount. Fishing become more akin to hunting. 

My spring creek spinner leader is 12ft 4x with 3ft of 6x fluorocarbon. The fluorocarbon sinks just below the surface film of the water removing the dimples the tippet causes on the surface film of the water. These fish will not eat your fly otherwise. 

To catch this fish my client and I slowly got into position and watched the pod until we spotted the largest fish in the pod. We watched him sip flies at very regular intervals. Knowing where he was eating was likely several feet behind where he was holding, we slowly positioned ourselves to make a perfect presentation. A quick pep talk about how one bad cast will put this whole pod down and description of the cast that I thought would fool the fish was spoken softly so as to keep our nerves down. We made a cast well upstream of where the big fish was feeding, trying to be careful to not put the fly in line with one of the other smaller fish that were feeding in the area. To catch a smaller fish would be failure and put this larger fish down. The cast landed exactly where it should have. The arial reach mend put the line above the fly so as to avoid a noisy on water mend. Seeing where the fly lands is so important in spinner fishing because often the fly is very hard to see as it lays flat on the water. We feed the line down to the fish with zero drag. My heart was pumping knowing that this drift stood a real chance.  Just as I was beginning thoughts how to phrase our next cast the fish rose to sip the fly seemingly in slow motion. 

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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

California Delta Fly Fishing Report

Captain Bryce Tedford Reports on 3.31.20

Spring Striper season is in the air with these warm valley days, water temperature are climbing upwards towards 55 degrees. I have been finding a fair amount of fish & prime Spring Striper Fishing is just around the corner. Delta Stripers will continue to ramp up as we get into Spring, April & May are prime Striper months & I am excited for a strong season. April is all but booked but I still have some prime Striper dates remaining in May. For June-September I will turn my focus to Topwater Largemouth
& Smallmouth trips, then I will finish out Oct.-Dec. with Striper Trips. Remaining Spring Striper dates won’t last long so book your adventure soon or get out there & enjoy the CA Delta!


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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

Richard Loft Reports on 3.5.21

Hey Everyone I just wanted to check in and  report whats happening on Putah Creek flows are holding right around 105 cfs as of 2/03/2021 and not seeing fish many fish hanging around the redds so I am assuming the Spawn is winding down as it normally does this time of year. So it's watch and wait until flows start to climb again in Spring March/April.

Living in Napa and fishing the creek as much as I do- maybe 100 days a year or more, its still hard to put my finger on it. But it seems like this time between end of the Spawn and summer can be a little slow; its fishable but it just seem like the river is trying to heal itself and fish metabolism is much slower in winter and it just takes time to get back into Spring through Fall when fish are feisty and when it all starts over again. 

Access points and Flows:

 Between Monticello Dam and Lake Solano there are 5 marked points to access and fish the creek #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 but remember there are 4 1/2 miles between the dam and Lake Solano so you really need to walk and hike to find the holes to fish. The flows dramatically effect how a area fishes so check the flows every time you go and before you leave the house.  I use Dreamflows so you can develop a sense of how an area fishes at a given flow, Remember it takes some time but it is one of many factors that help me when I'm thinking whether or not to fish on a given day.


Remember to adjust your leader length, indicator size and amount of weight as flows change.

Flys: As always, one of my go-to flys is the Cravens JuJu Baetis and or WD40 I found gray a great choice. Black Soft Hackle with green foil body. That got immediate results and of course a Black Zebra Midge is a must have. 

Of course there are many great flys to choose from and I have surely forgotten to list a few so definitely ask the guys at Lost Coast Outfitters for some help 

* Mending;  One thing I've noticed time and time again is clients over mending or mending in the wrong direction throwing huge mends the the left as soon as the Indi hits the water, Not necessary, try making smaller adjustments as needed or doing a shorter cast and keeping you'r arm elevated to minimize the amount of line on the water 

Environmental Factors:Time of Day, Seasons, Weather, Fires and floods. Flows; (cfs) Check Check Dream Flow.

The Quail Fire

* Fires,  As most of you know we had another huge fire again last summer and you would think it          would have negative effect on the fishing. Nope Think again! I was on the creek the day it started and was actually guiding a husband and wife from Texas well my clients got nervous and left. So not wanting to let a little fire ruin a good day of fishing I stayed and fished and had an awesome day on the water. 

* Weather; Wind speaks for itself if the wind interferes with casting then I might adjust my day, or work     on my casting Proper casting mechanics helps by properly loading the rod and staying low and under the                                          main gusts of wind and increasing accuracy and distance. ( I can help with proper casting during a guided trip ). 

*Time of Day; Time of day effects where the sun is so I will adjust where I stand so the sun doesn't cast my shadow on the water if at all possible. also I do really well mid day but in July Augest its so hot mid day this no longer applies and I fish mornings or dusk to avoid midday heat. I think it drives fish down reduces fish in the riffles until dusk when things turn on that last hour or so of the day. 

* Time of Year; Spring is probably my favorite with Fall a close second. 

* Euro Nymphing  I really started spending more time looking at my leader construction and how to fish water not  effectively fished with an indicator and was stunned by the results a month after the Quail fire in August.

I hope this helps and gives you something to think about when you're on the water.

For available dates or pricing for a guided trip with me, contact; Richard Loft, Napa Valley Fly Guides, (707) 294-4738;

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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

Cory Godell Reports on 10.23.20

This has by know means a record setting year in terms of steelhead numbers. But the numbers are better than last season and a good chunk of the steelhead are two salt fish instead of one salt. The problem this season seems like whenever we would get a decent slug of new fish in the river the White River would act up and blow out the Deschutes for several days. The good news right now is that the White seems to of simmered down and shouldn't act up as much from here on out. With the cooler night it should help keep things more stable in the hills, which means the Lower Deschutes should remain clear and fishable from top to bottom the rest of the season.

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