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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira Reports on 8.27.2015

The “Rough Fire” in King’s Canyon is still causing lots of lingering smoke throughout the whole area, and with the low water in that section if you’re in the Southern part of   Yosemite, drive to elevations above 7000 feet.

Stanislaus River

  • High Elevation - The top of the hwy 108 corridor is still fishing well. Kennedy Meadows is your spot. Stop in at the shop and great folks there  will help you too, tell them Nick or Rick from Yosemite Outfitters sent  you. The west slope fishing scene is NOT like the east side Sierra, or  Redding areas, give people lots of room don’t drop in and start fishing  right on top of people, ethics are VERY respected here. Look at our blog  video on dry fly tips a 2 minute video to get some tips for this fishery.
  • Mid elevations - The middle fork has  fish more activity with lakes doing well, especially the inlets make  sure you have streamers handy.
  • Lower - Doing well striped Bass are in.

Tuolumne River

  • High Elevation - Water is warm mid day so go easy on the fish, check temps regularly.
  • Fishing well in below Hetch Hetchy.
  • Mid Elevation - Fishing best early and watch water temperature.
  • Lower Tuolumne is fishing great!

Merced River

  • High Elevation - Fishing well above Merced Lake.
  • Mid Elevation - If you have to fish, do so before 11am and take temperature readings often, stay below 68 degrees.
  • Lower - RIVER IS CLOSED! Open below Snelling Bridge. Salminiods are not to be targeted at all.

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