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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco reports on 8.26.2015


It’s been a great summer so far. Busy.  A lot of our rivers are fishing well, from the smaller freestone tribs, to the big river, we’ve had a lot of good fishing happening up here. Sure, it’s been hot in the middle of the day so getting out early and off early is recommended. I keep hearing reports that fishing on the Lower Sac is “dead”, in fact I almost had a client cancel today because he was convinced we’d have crappy fishing with all the “guide reports” he’s heard. He was pretty damn happy that he didn’t cancel today.. The fish are certainly getting quicker out there and a bit more picky but there is still some very good fishing to be had. Getting a “dead drift” in the right spot matters right now. Being quick to hit em matters too. We’ve broken off a lot of fish recently and opened up more hooks than I can count. The fish in the Sac are super charged this time of year, so don’t get your feelings hurt when you only land 50% of the fish you poke. Bring your A game.


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