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Luggage, Packs & Vests

It's official: The days of inadequate fly fishing luggage and bags are over. The strongest manufacturers in the fly fishing gear world, have devoted a good part of the last decade to improving the fly fishing travel experience with radical design changes in luggage and bags. For years, traveling to distant waters to get on fish has been expensive, restrictive, awkward, and frustrating. Not anymore. Today's fly fishing luggage and bags are protective, functional, durable, attractive, and cleverly designed to meet the needs of the modern traveling angler. Ever tried to put a 10-foot 6-weight in your dad's vintage Samsonite hard-shell rolling bag? How about packing 50 lbs of gear and five 4-piece fly rods into a reasonable, airline-friendly set of luggage? The LCO Team has scoured the new landscape of fly fishing luggage and bags, and we've selected only the very best pieces from leaders like Fishpond, Sage, Simms, Patagonia, and Umpqua. Next time you head for that dream fly fishing destination, don't worry about how you'll get your equipment there, spend your valuable time doing the fun stuff like pouring over maps, learning to tie local flies, honing your double-haul, tightening your loops, and learning to say "Fish on!" in a new language.