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North Fork Yuba River reportJon Baiocchi reports on 8.25.2015...

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North Fork Yuba River report

Jon Baiocchi reports on 8.25.2015

Water levels have dropped even more, and the bigger plunge pools have noticeably more resident rainbows living there. It’s so important now to make your presentations in the pockets, pools, and slots that have a depth greater than 2 feet. There has been a good deal of fishing pressure on the weekends, but during the week it is extremely light. The fish have been getting hammered in the more popular areas with easy river access, the more you hike into the remote sections, the better the fishing. Water temperatures are still very cool, yesterday in the upper reached was 56 at 8am rising to 62 by 1pm.

The early morning spinner fall of psudocleons (tiny BWO’s #20-22) has intensified even more, you’ll see females punching through the surface meniscus of the water as they scuba dive to the bottom to lay their eggs around 9 to 10:30am. The dragonflies have keyed in on them too, and it’s very entertaining watching them munch and crunch on the fly, in fact it’s really cool. Hoppers are getting more attention, but the population is down from years past, maybe the drought has had something to do with that. Ants continue to be the trout’s favorite, they must taste good to those rainbows, I’ve tried them and nearly puked – Not a good idea.

Big bushy dry flies in yellow, orange, or black with a purple Psycho Prince ( #16), or ant (#12-16) trailer is receiving great results. I’m starting to guide further down the canyon now in the mornings as both air and water temperatures continue to fall, yet still above Downieville. Keep in mind the water temps come up much more quickly in this section as it does not have the abundance of springs as the upper section does. I’ll be scouting Lake Davis in the weeks to come, and locating where the largest concentrations of those big rainbows are cruising and feeding. Trips are starting to come, and I’m booking dates. If you want in on the action, give me a call at 530.228.0487, or shoot me an email at Best of luck out there, absorb the beauty of the land, and live large.

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