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Fly Lines

Just how important is the type of fly line you use? Pretty darn important! The right fly line can make your day on the water so much easier; just as the wrong fly line can ruin it. With the advent of new fly rod technologies have come the need for specialty and more advanced fly lines. Manufacturers like Scientific Anglers, RIO, and Airflo have stepped up to meet the challenge. Now it seems there is a specific fly line for every type of fly rod and every type of fly fishing situation. But basically there are still three main groups of fly lines: floating, sinking, and Spey. As you start looking into floating fly lines you will find weight forward lines, double taper lines, and specialty lines that are a derivation of the two. In sinking lines there are sink tips, partial and full sinking, as well as shooting heads. Spey lines, well talk about special! In our product descriptions, we have provided all the necessary information to take the guesswork out of which fly line you should be using for which fly fishing condition, if you fall prey to fly line confusion, just remember we are just a phone call away.