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G Loomis Fly Rods

The year: 1982. The plan: Create the perfect steelhead fly rod. The man: Gary Loomis. The outcome: Much greater than the perfection of one, simple rod model; G. Loomis fly rods were born. Firmly believing that graphite was and is the future of fly rod construction, Gary Loomis has designed and built impressive fly rods that succeed in the company's goal to "make everyday on the water more memorable." The Loomis philosophy is rooted in the concept of efficiency, and every stage of the rod-building process screams it. From incorporating cutting edge materials and production tools to putting each rod through a rigorous series of demanding field tests, G. Loomis has perfected and streamlined its processes to net a comprehensive line of fly rods that are more durable, more fishable, and more innovative than the competition. Finding a way to create the very best fishing tools requires dedication and know-how, and these qualities can be felt in each cast of a G.Loomis rod.