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Lamson Fly Reels

What does a designer of cutting edge bike parts have to do with fly fishing reels? How about that one word, DESIGNER? Plain and simple, The Waterworks Lamson is a team of sophisticated product designers, materials gurus, and engineers who know loads about what makes good things work while holding a greater than average interest in fly fishing. It was only a matter of time for The Waterworks Lamson team to enter the fly reel market, and when it came time for them to design a better fly reel, the basic goals were clearly understood. It was understood that a Waterworks Lamson fly reel's looks were going to be over the top, it was understood that it would be designed for lightness, and it was understood that it would be designed for rugged use. At the center of the entire lineup is a conical drag system that maintains a silky smooth action while rapidly dissipating friction-induced heat. With a true large arbor design and some funky, razor's edge looks throughout its lineup, from the ULA Force to the guru, The Waterworks Lamson fly reels have certainly set a very high bar for others to reach.