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Rogue River Fly Fishing Report

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Jim Andras, Andras Outfitters

What a difference a week makes.  We have experienced some wild weather in S. Oregon this week with wind, rain, lightening and fire!  Despite multiple fires burning in the region, unlike last summer, smoke really has not been an issue.  Rain this morning dropped temperatures to 10 degrees below normal and both factors should help our firefighters.  Fishing remains good on the upper Rogue River.  I have been finding a fish here and there and, most often, a run holding multiple steelhead.  Due to warm water temperatures in the lower and middle river, steelhead continue to scoot upriver very quickly.  I love these fish; they run hard, jump often and change direction continuously.  It has been a lot of fun out there and, with September right around the corner, it will only get better!

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