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Ben Engle's "Surf Scrimp" Fly Tying Kit

Lost Coast Outfitters

Ben Engle's "Surf Scrimp" Fly Tying Kit

$ 94.00

Ben Engle's Surf Scrimp pattern is a great chameleon pattern.  It can be tied for local stripers and surf perch but is tied on a strong enough hook to tackle even permit or other large flats fish.  Play with color combinations as well to represent anything from a crawfish to a baitfish when chasing big trout. 

Kit includes everything below:

Hook - Gamakatsu 60 degree Jig Hook
Thread - Veevus 6/0 Thread in Fluorescent Orange
Weight - 3/16 Aqua Flies Intruder Eyes in Flame
Tail - Encrico Pulgisi baitfish Fiber in Tan and
Egg Sack - Ice Dub Chenille in Orange
Eyes - Enrico Pulglisi Mono Crab Eyes in Black size Small
Flash - Polar Chenille Orange
          - Palmer Chenille Orange size Medium
Antennae - Flashabou 6905 Micro Pearl
Legs - Crazy Hot Tipped Legs in Orange Tipped Pink Legs
Body Dubbing - Shrimp Pink Ice Dub
Body Wrap - .75 Inch Enrico Puiglisi Shrimp Brush in Tan