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The Ultimate Gift Guide



Dry Creek Gear Pouch

This has become a go to pouch for me in organizing my gear for different types of fishing. I have my striper pouch, trout pouch and steelhead pouch. Packing for trips have never been easier. Check out the video. 

Simms G4 Boots

Simms g4 boots are the pinnacle of boot design, They have screw in studs that improve stud security. This also allows you to change worn out studs much more easily a problem with many boots in the best. If you are ordering order 1 size up from your street shoe size.

Ben Engle's Surf Scrimp Tying Kit

Does your favorite angler like tying flies, This is a killer pattern that will keep them busy tying flies. Complete with video this kit encompasses everything they need to tie this killer pattern.

A New Rod- 10ft 4wt the Ultimate Trout Stick

Buying a new trout rod for an angler can tough, but many anglers don't own the one rod they probably should , a 10ft 4wt. Here are our favorite trout rods in the 10ft 4wt category at any price point.


For Every Angler

Handpicked Fly Selections

Every angler can use more flies especially ones hand chosen at Lost Coast Outfitters. We carry only the highest quality and unique flies from local tiers. The more info you give us the better we can tailor each box to your anglers needs.

Hatch Nippers

The perfect gift is something someone wouldn't buy themselves, but they really want. Hatches nipper are sure to be a cherished piece of fly fishing equipment for years to come. They come in 4 colors Red, Blue, Silver, and Black.

Patagonia Wader Workstation

Let's face it fly fishing has a lot of bits and pieces that need to get organized. The Patagonia Wader workstation makes a perfect essentials kit to put in your waders or take on a boat. However it's not the only organizational pouch in the sea.

Lost Coast Outfitters Hat

Join the club! LCO hats have been known to open doors from here to Montana. There is just one rule to wearing an LCO hat; do good. While LCO hats reign supreme we carry a wide array of hats that are sure to please any angler on your list.

Orvis Carabiner Tape Measure

Does your fishing buddy tend to exaggerate their fish size? Well, send a message that you want exact measurements with this handy little tool from Orvis. It's a measuring tape and zinger with a carabiner attachment.

Toadfish Non Tipping Koozie

Some people like to party and for those people we have a list of good time charlie's favorite gear. The fish whistles for burners, Filson flask for the boozer, and Yeti Wine Tumbler for the wino.

Simms G3 Fly Vest

Turns out vests are pretty good at organizing gear. With a pocket for everything people who are disciplined and organized will appreciate that everything can have it's own happy place. Batman has his utility belt.

LCO Gift Certificate

At a total loss on what to get your favorite angler? Or maybe what they want is more than what you want spend. Well you can contribute to their fly fishing habit without having to buy them that spey rod they always wanted.


Camp Approved Gifts

Abel Spyderco Pocket Knive

A collab between two great american companies. The Abel Spyderco knife is hand painted and then anodized, creating a one of the most exquisitely beautiful and functional knives on the market.

Laguiole Knife /Corkscrew

Perhaps the classiest knife ever made will come in handy with a built in corkscrew and awl. This knife will inspire your favorite angler to slow down and have a glass of wine and maybe a little cheese.

Hults Bruk Hatchet

Every camper/campfire cook needs a good hatchet. The Hults Bruk Tarnaby is a small, all-purpose hatchet for basic uses such as making kindling, doing light clearing and working in the garden.

LCO Domino Set

After fishing hard all day few thing sound better than a game of dominoes over whiskey. No power required and good for 2 or 4 players. Oh wait... food! Food sounds pretty good too...


A Little Something

Fishpond Pio Pod

A micro garbage can for in the car or boat. Perfect for the neat freak or slob on your list.

Simms Guide Lanyard

Super slimline and awesome lanyard that any angler can adapt to their needs.

Simms Rod Cam Strap

Traveling with rod tubes can be tricky some times these handy rod straps make it easier.

Fishpond Tippet Holder

A tippet organizer with built in cutter is the perfect gift for any angler that is on your list.

Oh the places we'll go

Gifts for the Traveler

LCO Grab'N'Go Sun Kit

Sunscreen Check, Lip Balm Check, Neck Gaiter Check, sun glove check. This pouch is designed for those who go to sunny places to do what they love most fish. The perfect gift.

Grand Teton Rolling Luggage

Packing for fishing trips can be a challenge, that was until fishpond released the most epic fly fishing travel bag. It fits up to 10ft fly rods on the inside and has separate storage for wet and dry gear.

Fishpond Carry on Rod Case

When you're traveling with rods, reels and fly boxes for a big trip it is nice to make sure it all gets on the plane by carrying it on. There is no better bag to carry on than the Fishpond Dakota Rod Case.

LCO Grab'N'Go Cold Kit

Imagine if you were headed to fish in cold climates you could grab one handy little kit that had the best gloves, beanie, and neck gaiter all wrapped up in it's happy little pouch. That's something we wish we had.


Gifts for the Local Surf Angler

LCO Surf Fly Fishing Outfits

Do you wish your favorite angler could get their fly fishing fix without traveling for hours or days. Well these perfectly balanced outfits will unlock our local bays and beaches. We have designed several outfits at variety of prices.

LCO Surf Lanyards

One of the beautiful things about surf fishing is that you don't need a ton of gear. That why we put together this handy little lanyard that has tool you need for a day in the surf. It has become an indispensable piece of equipment. Shop now $69.95

Stripping Baskets

Every surf angler needs a stripping basket. They make life in the suds so much easier. The Take Stripping basket has been a favorite of ours because of it's flexible and lightweight design. The stretchy belt also makes it easy to position.

Simms Dry Creek Sling

Sling packs are perfect for the surf because they allow you to wear a stripping basket. Waterproof is also a must as saltwater is incredibly corrosive. This packs doubles as a great pack for and steelhead adventures you might go on.


Limited Supply

Simms Dry Creek Duffel

Simms is replacing this bag for next year in a dark blue color. We love the Orange for easily being to spot going on and off the airplane. Jump on this one before they are gone. The new ones are not nearly as cool.

Simms Fjord Pant

The warmest pants on the planet. Simms only makes these every couple of years and they are almost sold out. Every hardcore angler should should have a pair of these in their arsenal. Don't wait until you need em to buy em.

Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag

Simms is changing up their boat bag for next year and the design is not nearly as good as it's larger and won't fit on airplane as carry on. If you have been considering a boat bag don't wait snag one of these before they are gone.

Simms Wool

The best base layer we have found. Simms has had a lot of misses with their wool, but not this time. They can't get this price for next year so they are dropping it. Available in bottoms, 1/4 Zip and crewneck.

Orvis Helios 3D 8wt Artist Colab

The ultimate and incredibly accurate bonefish fly rod, the Helios 3D 908-4, customized by a remarkable artist into a beautiful piece of functional angling art—this custom rod from our Artist Collab line delivers. Famed fishing artist Tim Johnson is working with Orvis, hand burning a magnificent image of a bonefish pursuing a shrimp or crab into the cork grip.

Orvis Helios 3F 5wt Artist Colab

Imagine the Helios 3F 905-4 fly rod, in all its technical grandeur, customized by a remarkable artist into a beautiful piece of functional angling art—this custom rod from our Artist Collab line delivers. Famed fishing artist Tim Johnson is working with Orvis, hand burning a magnificent image of a brown trout rising to a mayfly into the cork grip.

Galvan Torque - Camo

Galvan just did a limited release their torque reel in camo. The Galvan Torque is the most Iconic of all modern reels. It's radical machining and smooth drag are made right here in California, just outside of Sonora. The Galvan Family has been excellent stewards of the sport of fly fishing in California. Act fast these won't last long.


Fly Fishing Books

Where Trout Sing

Reading Where Trout Sing and Other San Francisco Stories, the new book by California fly angler and author Art Dollosso, is like sitting around a campfire listening to a master storyteller weave a series of overlapping tales.

Dumb Luck And The Kindness of Strangers

John Gierach has been named "America's best fishing writer" his latest book, Dumb Luck and The Kindness of Strangers fits the wonderful witty, shrewd philosophical humor that you love in all of his works..

CA Field Atlas

This lavishly illustrated atlas takes readers off the beaten path and outside normal conceptions of California, revealing its myriad ecologies, topographies, and histories in exquisite maps and trail paintings.

Sea Foragers Guide to the Sea

In The Sea Forager's Guide to the Northern California Coast, Kirk Lombard combines a startling depth of knowledge with wry humor and colorful storytelling to guide readers' quests to hook fish, dig clams, and pick seaweed for themselves.



Echo Gecko Kids Outfit

There is no better time to start kids casting than when they are young they will out cast you in no time

Down By The River

Local artist and author team up to make an incredible story about a third generation fly fisher.

Fly Tying Kit

Kids take to fly tying really well. Its pretty much just like arts and crafts, but these arts and crafts can fill your fly box.

LCO Starter Fly Box

I remember the my first fly box and the flies in them the same way I remember my first cassette that bought.


For The Photographer

Simms G4 Shift Backpack

The most unique fly fishing backpack on the market. a built in waist-pack that can be swept around to the front gives easy access to camera gear when it's needed.

Yeti Side Kick Dry Bag

Anglers and photographers can't have too many pouches. This handy dry bag can be attached to any other pack offering easy access to items you want to keep dry and safe.

Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag

Simms is changing up their boat bag for next year and the design is not nearly as good as it's larger and won't fit on airplane as carry on. If you have been considering a boat bag don't wait snag one of these before they are gone.

Simms Padded Organizer

A Padded organizer for reels or camera bodies and lenses. Plenty of place for anything you might need to safely store while on the river or on a photo shoot. This is a the perfect item for anglers and photographers alike.


For The Gear Junkie

Hatch Fly Reel

Don't know what size to get? Well if they fish trout get a 3 plus, 4 plus or 5 plus. If they like salt go 7 plus or 9 plus, But it really doesn't matter any hatch reel you get them they will use and it is guaranteed to be around forever.

Sage X 9'6" 7wt Fly Rod

This rod is a truly epic configuration. A do it all rod that it will excel at trout streamer, Bonefish, Bass, Steelhead, Stripers, Atlantic Salmon and the list goes on. We can almost guarantee they don't have this rod and will love it!

Simms G4 Jacket

A new rain jacket is a pretty special thing especially when it is the Simms G4 jacket. The features, especially the reach trough back pocket have us drooling over it. Why stop there? Check out the new Simms G4 Boots and Simms G4Z Waders.

C&F Design Fly Box

This is for the gear and organizational junkie. Each compartment opens individually so all your flies don't all spill out if you tip it. Every insect can have its own compartment and get labeled as to whats in their. Our favorite box!


For The Aging Angler

Simms Wading Staff

Staying on your feet when wading a river goes a long way for a fun and safe day. This collapsible wading staff is a great way to improve stability.

C&F Design Threader Box

Threading flies can be very frustrating for older anglers. This box allows you to thread your favorite flies at home.

C&F Threader Nipper

Threading flies can be very frustrating for older anglers. This tool allows you to thread your favorite flies more easily.

20/20 Magnetic Threader

Threading flies can be very frustrating for older anglers. This tool has a magnet that holds the fly in the perfect position to be threaded.


For The Collector

Alpenglow Bamboo Fly Rod

Local rod builder Tony Bellaver builds some of the finest bamboo around. We have an 8' 5wt quad that is sure to please

Steelhead Fly Tying Art

Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design is an exhilarating breakthrough book written and photographed by Dec Hogan and Marty Howard.

Farlex Spey Reel

Hand machined by custom specs the Farlex reels are built in the Pacific Northwest with steelhead in mind. This is the perfect steelhead reel.

The Bush Reel

Designed for George H Bush by Ari T Hart this 1 in 10 reel is true collectors item. We have never seen one come up for sale until now.