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THE 10' 4WT

How many times have you wished you could've reached that spot, roll casted a little better, made that mend, or set the hook on a fish? Well, going all the way back to the 80's those who fished the nor cal rivers like the McCloud River, Upper Sacramento River, Pit River, and Truckee River would grab their Scott G in a 10ft 4wt for exactly those reasons.

This is my favorite configuration for trout fishing Northern California. When companies build up their tapers to a 10ft length you get the power of a 5wt fly rod and the finesse of a 4wt. In fact most of my 10ft 4wts get outfitted with a 5wt line. The extra length makes roll casting, mending, and hook setting much easier. Experience the power of ten.

Rivers: Upper Sac, Pit River, McCloud, Truckee, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Hat Creek, Fall River, and Yuba.


    • Indicator Nymphing
    • Tight Line Nymphing
    • Dry Fly
    • Swinging Soft Hackles
    • Streamer

Premium 10 Foot 4wt Fly Rods

Sage X 4100-4 Fly Rod – The Sage 10 ft 4wt is a fast action rod with a stiff but section. This make this rod an excellent for NorCal style indicator nymphing, tight line nymphing and a great lake rod. Not a great tool for 6x tippet with the stiff tip on this one. This is my go to rod when throwing big nymphs, indicators, and a lot of weight. Think McCloud and Pit River. Gil on the Truckee even uses his to huck streamers.If you are looking for a work horse this is your rod. $900 Shop Sage X Fly Rods Now

Scott Radian 104-4 – Maybe the nicest casting 10ft 4wt I own. Very progressive action a great all around rod from indicators, tight line, and dry fly fishing. This rod is impressive in its ability to cast and mend with absolute control. I caution less than prefect casters from purchase this rod as the tip is very fine and does not take much abuse. If you have a lot of rods I would add this one to the quiver. $795 Shop Scott Radian Fly Rods Now

Orvis Helios 3F 104-4 The guides at Wild Waters turned me on to this one. A very sweet and comfortable 10’ 4wt that has a ton of versatility. It’s softer action lends itself to great roll casting ability and tippet protection. $898 Shop Orvis Helios 3F Now

Winston B3x Super 10 4wt- A stiff butt section and light tip make this a very nice tight line rod. I bought this rod to fish very light tippets as the tip on this rod is an unparalleled shock absorber. I use it for tightline fishing on rivers and as well as for light tippet dry fly fishing on lakes and spring creeks. I would not call it a great casting rod, but a great fishing tool. $850 Shop Winston B3x Super 10's Now

Mid Priced 10 Foot 4wt Fly Rods

Beulah 10 ft 4wt – The first thing you notice is Beulah’s ability to make a beautiful rod at an attractive price point. This rod has a softer tip with a stiff butt section. The Platinum’s flex point is great for beginner to novice casters, but more advanced casters may bothered by the hinge it can create. A great choice for tight line nymphing dries and lighter tippets. $425 Shop Beulah Platinum 10' 4wt

Scott flex 10ft 4wt – This rod bends deep with a sling shot load that make it a killer rod for roll casting. This would be a great option for indicators, swinging soft hackles, light tippets, and tightline fishing. $475 Shop Scott Flex Rods Now

Orvis Recon 10ft 4wt – This is the fastest action on the mid-priced rod. A great choice for indicators and tight line fishing. The cork on these rods is not on par with others in the same price point. $429 Shop Orvis Recon Fly Rods Now


Budget Friendly 10ft 4wt Fly Rods

Redington Vice 10ft 4wt - Fast action and great stick for $199. This would be my first choice at this price point. It has a great action that will lend it’s left to a variety of nymph fishing applications. The only downside is the single locking nut on the reel seat will need to get tightened when it loosens up. $199 Shop Redington Vice Fly Rods Now

Orvis Clearwater 10ft 4wt- A great action all around action not too fast not too slow, but just right. At $198 this rod is definitely a great value. However I would say we get an abnormal amount of this series back for repair which can take quite some time with Orvis being on the east coast. $198 Shop Orvis Clearwater Fly Rods Now

10 Foot 4wt The NorCal Trout Rod