In Search of the Perfect Cast

In Search of the Perfect Cast is an after-work casting session dedicated to teaching anglers how to improve their casting technique through deliberate practice and drills. It all began when a few casting nerds would bring a bottle of whiskey to the casting ponds and discuss the subtleties of the fly cast. In keeping with tradition, you will find good people, booze, and advice as you practice your casting.

Our class is designed to accommodate all skill levels in advancing their fishing abilities. We focus on teaching foundational techniques and concepts that you can further explore on your own time, in future classes and on the stream. We will explore techniques ranging from the fundamentals of loop shape, timing, and trajectory to the finer points of single hand spey casting techniques. You will have the opportunity to play with equipment ranging from the modern graphite fly rod to the traditions of bamboo and fiberglass.

Your lead instructor, George Revel, is IFFF Master Certified Casting Instructor, Past President of Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club, California Trout Ambassador, National Casting Champion, and owner of Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop.

Class Starts at 6:45pm at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club on:

May 9th 2018
May 23rd 2018
June 6th 2018
June 20th 2018
June 27th 2018 (4th of July prep)
July 11th 2018
July 25th 2018
August 15th 2018
August 29th  2018
September 12th 2018

A Few Photos: