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Measure AA - People For A Clean and Healthy Bay

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I recently attended a meeting on Measure AA. This measure is by a group called “People for a Clean and Healthy Bay.”  I want to start off and say that I am in favor of this proposed measure and here’s why: This organization is all about getting something put into action that is good for “The Bay”, The San Francisco Bay that is. The idea is that the 9 Bay Area counties will impose a $12 Parcel Tax. Essentially, every land owning stake holder will throw in 12 bucks to a fund that is dedicated to giving money to the largest impact restoration projects in the Bay. “What is this money going to spent on?” you might ask as I did. Well, It’s predominantly wetland restoration which can very effectively absorb large amounts of water (combating sea level rise) and sequester carbon. As it turns out wetlands are pretty good for fish rearing habitat and waterfowl habitat.

It’s a big investment (projections of up to 500 million, over 20 years, which can be matched by fed grants) made up of micro-investments. There is something exceedingly democratic about that. The argument I’ve heard is “Well shouldn’t these big bay area companies pay for more?” I say… Sure whatever, but someone needs to pay for it, and for 12 bucks I’m not going to risk the potential for change and improvement. Pay the 12 bucks it will be a great investment. Beyond that the folks at Measure AA shared a good bit of polling info which implies that they have done their research and this is the path of least resistance. There is something certainly to be said for that in today’s litigious and well funded political world.  This is Measure AA and it will be up for vote on June 7th during the primary elections. Get on board here. If I can help get any of your questions answered please let me know.

Lost Coast Outfitters made a donation to help run the campaign of measure AA. I encourage you to do the same here <Donate here>

Life is better around a campfire,

George Revel

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