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Fall River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 6.6.18


We have been experiencing fantastic fly fishing weather in Northern California
these last few weeks… lots of warm, sunny days followed by a few cloudy
afternoons with thundershowers in the high country above Redding. No century
busting hot spells just yet in early June. Time to get after it!!!
I cannot remember a better spring season than the one we are experiencing so
far this year… Everything is fishing well right now and on any given day it has
been good-to-great on every river around here. I have been all over the North
State fishing the McCloud River, Pit River, Fall River and Lower Sac. Two other
notables worth mentioning are the Upper Sac and Hat Creek - both are
consistent good bets this time of year.

Before I go any further I would like to mention a few notes on bugs for this
time of year. You literally can encounter anything right now from stones to
caddis to mayflies so having a well-stocked fly selection is important. If you
live anywhere near San Francisco then obviously head into LCO to re-stock on
some quality flies… if that isn’t practical then drop by the “local” fly shops
nearest the waters you plan to fish. Typically they have the best beta and
maybe some local fly patterns to show you. Ted Fay Fly Shop has always been
my go-to when headed up I-5 corridor and Bob always has some keen advice for me on fishing conditions or life in general.

Patterns I always have with me are the “usual suspects” the classics: Pheasant Tails, Gordon’s Princes, rubber legs (both basic black or brown and yellow stones), small black midges all sizes, Dark Lord’s, tan Bird’s Nests, Fox’s Poopahs, S&M’s and Micro Mayflies… you may notice I prefer patterns created by CA anglers (it’s because they work). For dries its #12 parachute Adams, Stimulators #6-12 yellow & orange, Missing Link every size and color, EC Caddis. These are all starting team.

Fall River 

is in great shape right now with a lot of fish in the upper reaches.
The number of smaller trout will amaze you in the system this year.
Many of these fish are in the “dink” category but there are plenty of big
bruisers lurking as well.

The future looks bright for Fall River and as popular as this river is with many
anglers I’m surprised that so many CA anglers have never experienced it.
Getting a good, patient and competent guide is important because of this fishery has limited access (boat only) and takes the experience to unlock the clues and learn the techniques that work out here. The guides at Clearwater Lodge have been busy fishing all over Fall River for many years. There are a few veterans with over 25 years fishing this river and plenty of younger guides who have their own spin on it. This is a popular requested trip at the lodge. We keep boats on the upper and lower river and know this system inside and out. The Hex hatch is just around the corner but you shouldn’t wait till then. Come up and join us…

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