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Creekin’ Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 3.1.17


Trust me, you are not the only angler in California chomping at the bit to wet a line somewhere. Fishing so far in 2017 has been a bust. With only a handful of options and days to fish it has been tough out there.  We got the much-needed precipitation we asked for, ten-fold.  With the raging rivers, we may need to be looking at other options.  

The rivers are going to start clearing from top to bottom.  The higher elevation creeks will be clear soon if they aren’t already. Still, they will be higher than we’re used to seeing.   This year we are going to have to learn how to fish high water.  Deal with it, it is our only option.

Break out the 3 wts or the glass rods.  It’s time to fish.  Sure, some of these rivers may be swollen but their feeders will be in shape.  Most likely the trout have moved into the feeders to avoid heavy currents of the main stems.  These small waters mainly hold small trout but with the right rod you can have yourself a blast.  Occasionally, you may get surprised with a bigger fish too.

The terrain can be a bit rugged on some of these places.  Pick a nice warm day in case you go for a swim.  Most of the small creeks I fish are tough to access.  They have poison oak in every direction, giant granite slabs to meander and long trails to get to them.  You will be burning your calories for the day.  

I love throwing glass rods on these rivers.  Every fish feels big on them.  Just casting them for a day will make any angler feel like a kid again.  Dry droppers tend to be the ticket.  Usually I’ll bring a graphite 3wt too for small streamers.

Here is a list of places to check out.  

The forks of the American River are open year around above Folsom Lake.  Hint: their tributaries are open too.  North Fork Yuba River is high but it is open for fishing.

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