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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 3.1.17


The start to the Putah Creek spring season is on hold until further notice.  The flows are still over 3000cfs.  Typical flows for this time of year would be around 200. It is not just the volume of water the clarity is not right yet either.  

Once the “glory hole” stops spilling we will see a drastic cut in flows to Putah Creek.  When this happens, we will get a good sense of what 9000cfs does to it.  From what I have seen so far, the log jams and beaver dams have been cleared out. The silt is being pushed down to Lake Solano and the weeds are getting ripped away.  There will be some changes to the channels too.  

My prediction is that the flows will be drop next week but will still be on the high side.  The color will get better but it will probably be green all spring long.  One thing is for certain, there will be some very hungry fish out there next week. Just like the rest of California we are going to need to learn how to fish high water.  This means long leaders, lots of weight, and long drifts. High sticking can be a great tool for high water.  It might be time to invest in a 10’ rod this year.  Fish heavy streamers with sink tips or on long leaders.  Get them down deep and fast.     

I have the perfect tool for fishing the creek at high flows.  My raft is set up for single anglers and we can put it in just about anywhere on the creek.  If you are a streamer junkie this is the ticket.  Every trip last year in the boat we hooked a major fish on a streamer.  We didn’t always land it though.  We break up the day fishing from the boat and nymphing some runs on foot.    

Give me a call if you are interested.  530.304.8421

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