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American River Fly Fishing Report

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Brian Clemens reports on 5.17.18


Flow 1750cfsClarity 10ft vizFishing Good to GreatThe striper fishing is really heating up, and we are hooking fish from 3-8lbs on a regular daily basis, with to many fish from 16-22" all day long. These fish are hitting hard and fighting even harder, so bring you’re a game and a strong 7-8wt rod and hold on. The right fly and a good presentation is what it’s taking to get these bigger fish to eat, but we will have you dialed in no time for that big fish opportunity. The shad fishing is stupid with to many fish to count. They are spread throughout the river, but the best fishing is from Rosemore to Sunrise. The downside is that the crowds are out in full force and sometimes it’s hard to find a spot to fish. One reason why I love the Yuba. But if you can only swing a half day and live close by to the American, there is no better time than now. The striper fishing should stay good to great for the next several months, and the shad for the next month or so. If your thinking local, and your thinking big fish or lots of fish, the American is the place for you. Whether you are looking at a traditional float trip or a fun Jet boat trip, we have the American dialed. Time is now.
Stripers: Stay hungry streamers, Tobys Teaser, ClousersShad: Bloody Marie, Wet Pinkies

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