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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Rob Russell reports on 5.17.18

 Euro-nymphing or “High-sticking” has been the name of the game in the last couple of weeks at Putah Creek.  This technique is highly effective and easy to learn.  Indicator techniques will always be effective at Putah, but the current flow of 420 cfs creates many spots ideal for euro-nymphing. 

The crowds of the Spring have thinned!  Most likely due to other trout options available now, but likely also due to the fishing becoming slightly more technical.  Weekdays are nice and quiet again.  Runs and riffles are getting bigger and louder.  If you can’t hear the angler next to you, you’re probably close to a good spot.  As daytime temps climb, fishing the bubbles and tops of runs is a good idea.  Caddis and mayflies are top choices for bugs.  

Crayfish and streamers are still producing.  Swinging streamers is great at these flows.     Flows are climbing and fishing is great!  Take advantage of the great weather and contact me to get a date on my calendar soon.  

Dates available in May, June.  Rob Russell 707-888-2571,, @robrussellflyfishing, #robrussellflyfishing

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