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Yosemite Area Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira reports on 6/24/2015

Yosemite & surrounding area:

The rivers are fishing well! The higher elevations are doing well, while the temperature change and water flow are combining to bring a great window of opportunity for the next to weeks. One technique that works well in the morning is Czech nymphing, if you need a quick lesson check out our blog
As  a guide service we focus on Yosemite National Park and north and in   this report we will highlight a different area every week with a quick   blurb, with no specifics on general river systems and highway corridors that access them. Feel free to check out more at

Feature of the week : Merced River

This river is one of my favorites and has so much to offer in the way of diversity- from free stone runs to seemingly endless pockets. This time of year the evening yields some hatches that can lead to some amazing evenings.

Stanislaus River :

  • High  Elevation : Pressure on the weekends around camp sites and trail heads make for slow fishing, hike away from crowds and you’ll see a dramatic change in fish activity.
  • Mid elevations - Are seeing fish more active with lakes doing well, especially the inlets.
  • Lower - It’s like bumper cars with the rafters, you have to fish above or below the rafting put ins/ take outs.

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