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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox Wildwaters Fishing reports on 7.27.18

Well it’s officially the Dog Daze of summer now. This means temps are north of 100 degrees during the day, the water is warming, the bugs are suffering heat stroke, wet wading is required unless you are allergic to water (wtf), and you best think about mornings and evenings with a nice midday break for lunch and a cold beverage. 

Whoopsies and falling in are acceptable too. Not to be discouraged though, the fish have to eat sometime so it’s not like they have lock jaw. I am finding fish in the oxygenated water, heavy pocket water and deep in the runs and pools. With the river at it’s lowest now (melts over and no rain in sight) the fish are on the bottom looking up for something to gobble so it’s imperative to get your bugs down in that lower water column. Fish can be enticed with a dry dropper early, early and late, late but otherwise it’s nymphing, nymphing, nymphing that will get you fish. My favorite go to bugs for this time of year are the LBS (little black shit).

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