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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox of Wildwaters reports on 7.27.18

McCloud River

The McCloud has also reached Dog Daze status so the drill is think mornings and evenings. Fish the oxygenated water, the pocket water, and deep in the runs and pools. Heads of pools have been especially effective, get the bugs into that foamy rough water and pay attention to those quick bites that occur there. 

This river is presenting more opportunities for dry fly fishing so as soon as the shade from the ridges and trees cover the water think about an Adams or PMD. Be prepared for very hot air coming up the canyon from Redding so wet wading is a great alternative to cool down. Also we have fires around that have been bringing in smoke so be prepared. On the up side you will not find this river crowded so the fish are having a break from the crowd hatch and your opportunities are increased for hookups.

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