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North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi reports on 7.27.18

Fishing remains good on the North Fork Yuba even during this everlasting heat wave thanks to deep subterranean springs that feed the upper watershed. The flows have dropped a little, so focus on the deeper slots, runs, and plunge pools were the native rainbows are concentrated.

 Fishing pressure remains light, there seems to be more swimmers than anglers lately. Water temps near the Sierra City area are 57 in the morning rising to 64 degrees in the late afternoon, and you guessed it - 8am to 1pm is best. Afternoons slow down until the last few hours of light, and the action increases into darkness. All of my trips have been a blast, and it is so satisfying to see my guests truly appreciate this grand watershed. It always brings out the best of fly fishing experiences.

Still running dry/dropper rigs, but I switch to a terrestrial dry near noon as the dropper fly - only submerged. Beetles, ants, and hoppers being the best choice. Since it has been such a big caddis year I’m favoring the standard Elk Hair caddis over the yellow Stimulator. 

Purple haze, and Adams parachutes have also fished really well. Effective dropper nymphs include copper and red copper Johns, Hogan’s S&M nymph in black with a black bead (could be taken for an ant), and the Psycho Prince.

Use stealth in the big clear slow moving pools, but in the pockets with rougher blurry water you can stand on top of them, they don’t seem to spook as easy. No rattlesnakes so far, just the occasional single flip-flop resting on a gravel bar. I’ve got some open dates in August for a serine wilderness fly fishing adventure, and I’ve got all the put ins and take outs wired for the 8 beats I’m working. If wet wading, dry flies and eager wild trout intrigue you, give me a call at 530.228.0487, or email me at to secure your date. If you haven’t been to the North Fork Yuba River, now is the time to escape the heat, and explore new and fascinating water.

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