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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Upper Sac Fishing Report


The Upper Sacramento river is just dropping into PERFECT shape.  With flows still a little heavy crossing can be a little bit of a hindrance but fish are holding in almost every pocket.  Golden stoneflies are just starting to get a little more mobile up there so it's the perfect time for throwing a big Chubby Chernobyl and a small dropper off the back. TAKE YOUR TIME.  Make sure you really fish each one of these pockets in the river.  I noticed that sometimes on my 30th cast through the same pocket I would finally get the grab from that big fish so make sure you really put in the time as your work your way up through the river. My best producing nymphs up there were a tungsten jig hares ear in a size 14 and a small caddis pupae in a size 16.  Also I would highly recommend through the hotter hours of the day focusing on these same pockets with a tightline nymph rig.  Sometimes throwing a little more weight and focusing in on a small section of water can really work wonders through the "non-traditional" hours of the fishing day. 

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