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San Francisco Surf Fly Fishing Report

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San Francisco Surf Fly Fishing Report

Open Ocean striper fishing has been on fire this past week. Especially, Thursday - Sunday many fly anglers were landing adult size fish all over San Francisco's Beaches. The tide is essential, last Saturday morning just north of the golden gate bridge a minus tide to a 4ft incoming was the perfect recipe for success. From Ocean Beach to Stinson Beach Anglers were catching fish very close to shore as the incoming tide starting filling in close rips and holes.

George Revel was able to get five fish Friday morning before work and two on Sunday morning.

This weekend looks excellent!

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE 3rd TIDE 4th TIDE
21 Fri
02:03 h
 5.35 ft
08:55 h
 -0.3 ft
16:40 h
 4.69 ft
21:21 h
 3.22 ft
 05:48 h  20:35 h
22 Sat
02:45 h
 4.95 ft
09:37 h
 0 ft
17:20 h
 4.72 ft
22:24 h
 3.12 ft
 05:49 h  20:35 h
23 Sun
03:33 h
 4.56 ft
10:21 h
 0.36 ft
17:59 h
 4.79 ft
23:32 h
 2.85 ft
 05:49 h  20:36 h

Bradford Bulter with a nice 30' fish.

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