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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 10.13. 2016

The Truckee River is still holding steady- flows wise that is, good news, this weekend looks like we will get a lot of rain.

Been a long time since we’ve had serious rain/ snow in October. 2004 Donner Summit got 4 feet in October, and it never really stopped all year. Kind of an anomalous pattern for us this early in Tahoe, and hopefully storms will continue into winter.

So holding steady, good water temps, and good fall fishing. Easy wading, and easier than usual fishing for the T. Baeits mayflies are kinda the main bug, you may see some october caddis, and a few mohaganny duns and things like that around. Streamer fishing just started picking up. With the lower flows you may want to think about putting away the big articulated stuff and size down to leeches and things like that. Very good time of year for a big ass fish to smack something. I imagine the river will come up this weekend if we get a few inches of rain.

Pyramid Lake: Haven’t been to the lake since the opener. My boat is in the shop and I just haven’t been wanting to go out in the tubes. Shore guys have been getting some fish, but still the boat/ tube guys are doing much better. Give it another few weeks and those big cutts will move in close. Tui-Chubs are still the dominate fly pattern. Ditch the single hand rods and fish a switch rod out at the lake, you’ll thank me later. Join me for this clinic on how.

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