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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft Reports on 10.18.2015:

Hi Everyone ; So Fishing has been really good.Until  Thursday morning as uasual I checked the flows for Putah as I had a trip booked for Friday and I found the flows had dropped overnite to “44 CFS” not really believing my eyes I called Solano Irrigation District , SID . and spoke with Chris and the data is correct . Putah Creek is down untill further notice so SID can conduct maintenance on the canals downstream i.e cleaning out the moss and mussels that accumulate during the summer . So until they bring the flows back up to fishable levels about 110cfs at the bottom of the scale , Putah is just not fishable plus any fish caught is going to be to stressed to recover , So lets pass on Putah Creek and look at other River like the Yuba and the Feather, Upper Sac in Dunsmuir  this fall for your fishing . As soon as Putah creek warrants a drift I will let you know   

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